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Uber Hyderabad giving free tickets to Saturday IPL match

Always wanted to see IPL match in stadium for free but never got any chance? Your friends are going to watch match but you didn't get tickets? YOur company is not providing free tickets? Here is Uber Hyderabad giving free tickets to few lucky ones. Uber Hyderabad giving free tickets to Saturday IPL match Feeling excited to watch match between Hyderabad and Bangalore team live? Get it on. Just open Uber app for more information. Still not on Uber, you are missing the fun and occasional offers as well. Just sign up here to get first free ride .

Uber Cab rate per km and estimator for my city

Uber cabs are available all over the world, their rate is different in every city, It's good to know the current rate before moving/travelling to another city. This post will explain about uber site and its features. If you are looking for uber rate card for your city, uber price chart , uber rate per km, uber cancellation fee in city , uber minimum charge in city, uber fare estimator, uber fare calculator then all the information is here or how you can it easily. Uber Cab rate per km in my city Find your City to get cab rates

Always late for Uber now pay late fee after 2 mins

Uber changes its policy on experiment basis by introducing late fee and small window of ride cancellation to make sure drivers availability and utilizing the resource better. Uber is encouraging riders to enter destination in advance to make better match. Uber App in Delhi Car Uber Late Fee to Riders Now Uber will charge you if you make your ride to wait more then 2 mins. Uber knows you may miss the key, or not ready to take ride or your uber arrived early but still you cannot make your uber wait for more then 2 mins. You have to pay late fee depending upon city and currency it will vary.

Uber Internship on-demand for Delhi Students [uberLAUNCHPAD]

Uber Internship on-demand for Delhi Students Uber Delhi brings an opportunity to students for internship on-demand, means you don't have to go anywhere, recruiters will come at your doorstep. Get in and present yourself to get a paid internship. Uber roped in four good options for you such as SO Delhi , Tripver , Uber Delhi, Random House Publication  . CLick on links to know more about them if not known to you.

Domino's Buy one get one offer is back with paytm cashback

Paytm and Dominos's BOGO Loot with Regular Size Today , there is Buy one Get one (BOGO) offer from Domino's pizza online order only. Domino's india updated their online site to accept seam less order, this new UI is impressive. Its now more user friendly and provides seamless experience from adding pizza to cart to make payment. Online ordering domino's india pizza was never so cheap and rewarding as it is today. Domino's india pizza bring online offers time to time. You can always come back here for more offers like Buy 1 get one offer on friday, wednesday, tuesday, monday , whenever there will be a offer this page will be updated with relevant promo code. Domino's Buy one Get One Pizza Offer today Promo Code : MOB06

How to attach my Car in Uber OLA India

How to attach my Car in Uber OLA India It's very common question I get fro new drivers, How can I attach my car into Uber or OLA? The answer is straight , just sign up at their platform. Uber is automated its platform so much , now no manual intervention is needed everything is possible online via their sign up form.

Become Uber Driver in India and Make Money upto 90000 per Month

Drive with Uber and Make Money up to Rs 90000 in fares per Month   7 new  cities on 2nd july and planning to reach total 50 cities by year end. With every new city Uber needs more and more drives in its wing. You can be one and earn your dream income. Still not on Uber:  Sign up and get 1 free ride  

Funny Uber memes, How do you feel when?

This Uber memes post is for fun, share and enjoy them, suggest some more funny memes.  All the images are copied from other blogs, sites, mostly found via google image search. YOu too can search more using similar keywords like uber memes, uber funny memes, uber driver memes etc.

Each Uber referral will fetch Three Free Uber Rides

Each Uber referral will fetch Three Free Uber Rides  Discounts are better when they last longer! Now if you signed up in any of the following cities, you’ll get multiple free rides for every successful referral. All you need to do is get your friends to sign up and ride on Uber with your referral code, and you’ll both get more free rides than ever before!

Uber explains Dynamic Pricing aka Surge pricing in simple video

Dynamic Pricing or Surge Pricing is in talk of the town. People blaming on Uber for illegal fare increase and same Uber is trying to explain its basic economics to increase fare to reach demand. Its just simple demand and supply.

Request uberMOTO in Gurgaon and pay flat Rs 10 only

Request uberMOTO in Gurgaon and pay flat Rs 10 only  Uber is trying to get more customers on its uberMOTO options which is basically bike ride. Yes you can request a bike ride to your destination, if its in the provided limit, you will be charged only Rs 10/- flat, no questions asked.

Compare and Choose OLA or Uber before each ride?

How to Choose between OLA and Uber before a ride? Now, most of the cab users take both for ride OLA and Uber. Both the aggregators have their benefits and drawbacks, it terms of timing, driver ability, app smoothness and these things vary person to person.

How parents are using Uber to get their kids to school even it's not allowed

How parents are using Uber to get their kids to school even it's not allowed. Uber to School going to be new trends this year in India Uber is changing the way city commutes to work and play, for dining, for movies and for surprise plans. Now parents are sending their kids to school, extra classes, coaching classes via Uber with or without accompanying themselves. Busy parents who don't have time to schlep their kids back and forth from rehearsals, sports games, and dance classes are using Uber to easily get their kids from point A to point B. You don't have to worry about your child exchanging cash with the driver since all payments are done automatically through the app. How Parents can do it? Uber don't allow to create account for minors but who stops their parent to create account on Uber . Parent can create account , then book a cab for their kids for school, while trip they can monitor their ride and can talk to driver if needed. If parents are c

Rs 600 Sign up credit to Uber India riders Uber just doubled

Uber ride sharing service is one of the best service. Uber provides cab on a button click in Uber app, which connects you to nearest available driver to be your personal driver. All offers and promocodes are expired on this page, pls chk another page. New Update: Uber has reduced free ride worth to Rs 50 for some cities like Delhi, kolkata, jaipur, chandigarh. Now I don't see any real benefit in referring new riders. It seems Uber has achieved its target of customers. Uber has reduced its free ride worth to Rs 150/- only from today. Hi, Diwali Offer Up to  ₹500  value each referral Free ride expires in 3 months Use anywhere in your country Good on all ride options Offer Validity : Not Known, Use it till lasts Latest free Ride Offer Details: Up to ₹250 value each Free ride expires in 3 months Use anywhere in your country Good on all ride options Goibibo.Com Rs 2000 GoCash With Each New Signup (Goibibo App) And Save Upto Rs 5000 On Each Booking

50 VIP Passes for Arijit Singh Concert in Chandigarh via Uber

You must know about Arijit Singh, now can feel his voice live. Just keep riding Uber after applying below promo code. Refresh your mood by listening him on youtube or download his whole playlist from internet. Below is the embed of youtube and download link.

Uber India uberGO price drop for existing users in 10 cities

Pune uberGO prices are slashed upto 15% for existing users As per Uber update: At Uber we’re always looking for ways to deliver lower prices to riders to make Uber an everyday transportation option. From Tuesday, 12 April 2016, uberGO prices will be dropped to ₹6/km* , making it even more affordable to get around Pune. New UberGO rates in cities Ahmedabad : Rs 5 per KM Indore : Rs 5 per KM Pune: Rs 6 per KM Nagpur : Rs 5 per KM Visakhapatnam : Rs 5 per KM Ajmer : Rs 7 per km Jodhpur : Rs 7 per km Udaipur : Rs 7 per km Mangalore : Rs 7 per km Trivendrum : Rs 7 per KM

Successful startup founder turned to driving with Uber, R U thinking too?

Just read an article about this Uber driver who is actually a successful startup founder. Read here  his story, why did he turn into Uber driver and how much he is making.

Paytm Recharge offer April 2016 Win Rs 1 Lakh Cashback Everyday

Paytm Recharge offer April 2016 Win Rs 1 Lakh Cashback Everyday Paytm brings unique offer to your to win 1 lakhs daily. Show to your friends that you are lucky. This contest will continue till the end of month so you will get enough time to pay your bills do recharge daily for some amount.

Uber Granted Patent For Surge Pricing Verification

Uber Granted Patent For Surge Pricing Verification You must have seen similar screen on Uber app frequently when you try to book a ride. If you haven't seen one you must be very lucky and saved many bucks for your ride. The above screenshot is a surge confirmation page.

Uber Kolkata Promo Code 25% OFF for existing customers

Uber Kolkata Promo Code  25% OFF for existing customers Uber Kolkata is bringing you 25% off for full week. Just apply the promo code and get discount on each ride. How do you  use uber in your personal life other then office commute? Do you go to gym? Do you go to lunch/dinner? Do you go to pick your kids from school? Do you go to bar? Do you to meet friends? Do you go to shopping? Ditch your keys, and enjoy freedom. Focus on real task rather commuting. Now each ride will cost less by 25% throughout the week. Promo Code : Uber Paytm Offer for 25% Cashback to all customers old and new Delhi discount promo code for existing customers

Surat, Take just 3 ride and Win Brand New SMARTPHONE!

Surat, Take ride and Win SMARTPHONE For the first time ever, Uber Surat bring you the opportunity to win a brand new smartphone! We even have guaranteed prizes for all those taking part! So what are you waiting for?

How to Re-authorize or unlink paytm with Uber India App

How to Re-authorize or unlink paytm with Uber India App Having and active Uber and Paytm account is good, but if something goes wrong from either Uber or paytm side, you the customer suffers a lot. You can't book your ride back home, you can't book ride to airport, railway station. It becomes annoying to have such messy technical app. We cannot predict what may happen in future but we may be ready with some preparation. Uber does all account sweep for security measures from time to time, if it finds any suspicion, it blocks account, put hold on booking a ride, asks for re-verification of ID or payment method . Recently Paytm was hacked and some hacker were able to make payment in paytm from some other account, hance Uber took security measure and put hold on some accounts . The above image shows Merchants Authorized by you (Screenshot updated), where you can see Uber if you have already added paytm with uber. How to Re-authorize or unlink paytm with Uber India A

Uber brings back uberAUTO in new cities

Uber brings back uberAUTO in new cities Uber is already cheapest ride in town but they are bringing another cheaper ride which is uberAUTO . This option in app will call an nearbuy auto-rickshaw for your short ride in city with minimal fare starting with Rs 15 only. Uber is launching this service in Coimbatore and Bhubaneswar   .

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