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Request uberMOTO in Gurgaon and pay flat Rs 10 only

Request uberMOTO in Gurgaon and pay flat Rs 10 only
Request uberMOTO in Gurgaon and pay flat Rs 10 only 

Uber is trying to get more customers on its uberMOTO options which is basically bike ride. Yes you can request a bike ride to your destination, if its in the provided limit, you will be charged only Rs 10/- flat, no questions asked.
UberMOTO is the chapest option provided by uber. The next best thing to this is uberAUTO which provides rides in three-wheelers popularly known as auto-rickshaws. Bajaj, piaggio are famous auto-rickshaws compaies.

No promocode required for this offer . Applicable on all rides.

The heat wave is sweeping the whole india, MET dept says there will be enough rain this year but that is far story from now. MIld showers may happen here n there but monsoon is like very far from now.

Uber is trying bike ride option in few countries as more affordable option for single riders where trips are short without any luggage. It's like taking lift to your destination. Uber launched the same service in bangalore as well some time back , with few hiccups the service is available for riders.

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