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Uber Promo Code Existing User

Existing user promo code for free rides
Promo Code

I hope you are already an existing riders on uber, this place is for you. Here is the list of posts where you can find latest promo codes in order. For simplicity I have added only title of each post, which is enough explanatory.

The good news

Even though there are really no Uber promo codes for existing users, there are still a bunch more ways that you can earn credit, even if you have already entered a promo code and taken a ride.

I have earned countless free rides in Uber referral program from using the methods of referral, and you can too! Try all of these methods, don’t limit yourself to one or two. Collecting this free ride may seem slow at first, but before you know it, you will be the king (or queen) of the backseat!

The Best News (You can buy Uber rides)

Option 1. Limit bill on long distance trip

I will book unlimited worth ride just for Rs 200/- (Available in India only any city)
Contact me on whatsapp at : +91-9971048906/8793711865
Ping me for more details, but basic requirement are as follows..
  1. Mention , you are coming from this blog.
  2. Ping and ask for availability, mostly they are available for full day.
  3. Pickup location
  4. Drop off location
  5. Uber cab type
  6. Provide pickup/dropoff location screenshot from uber app, will be great.
  7. Pay me as soon as you are in cab or before via paytm.

I will add rides into your account. (Not Available in India)
You can buy free rides from me and save upto 80% of your ride each time to take an Uber ride. My services are available via fiverr , but the gig gets deleted, if you don't find any ping me.

Fiver Link for Uber Rides, if you don't find any option message me on fiverr or on fb.

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