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Uber explains Dynamic Pricing aka Surge pricing in simple video

Dynamic Pricing or Surge Pricing is in talk of the town. People blaming on Uber for illegal fare increase and same Uber is trying to explain its basic economics to increase fare to reach demand. Its just simple demand and supply.

Uber Delhi explains surge :

Railway implemented dynamic pricing, airlines have dynamic pricing so why not cab aggregators. Its true we always hate to pay more, but we have already paid more to taxi and auto in time of need, we complained too about it. Things are getting organised now, govt forced to put meters on etc.

Uber posted a simple explanatory video on twitter for better understanding of dynamic pricing. Now it's you who has to decide can you pay more to get cab in need or just stay stuck there?

Govt is curbing the surge price, it will create more problem for riders then solving it. When people need a ride they will not get it, instead govt should make effort to put more cars on road to reduce the price but thanks to #OddEvenDobara you are not allowed to take your car on alternate day hence you cannot even do carPOOL on some days, making it worse.
Tweet and ask govt to provide better alternative.

Pollutions by cars read more..

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