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How to Re-authorize or unlink paytm with Uber India App

How to Re-authorize or unlink paytm with Uber India App
How to Re-authorize or unlink paytm with Uber India App
Having and active Uber and Paytm account is good, but if something goes wrong from either Uber or paytm side, you the customer suffers a lot. You can't book your ride back home, you can't book ride to airport, railway station. It becomes annoying to have such messy technical app. We cannot predict what may happen in future but we may be ready with some preparation.

Uber does all account sweep for security measures from time to time, if it finds any suspicion, it blocks account, put hold on booking a ride, asks for re-verification of ID or payment method. Recently Paytm was hacked and some hacker were able to make payment in paytm from some other account, hance Uber took security measure and put hold on some accounts.

The above image shows Merchants Authorized by you (Screenshot updated), where you can see Uber if you have already added paytm with uber.

How to Re-authorize or unlink paytm with Uber India App

  1. Login to paytm account on website or register paytm
  2. Navigate to Merchant Authorized By You ( page
  3. Click on 'Remove' button to unlink Paytm with Uber.
  4. Open Uber app in mobile, it should ask for re-authorization via OTP(One Time Password).
  5. Open Payment Method, select Paytm and it will ask for OTP.
  6. OTP will be send to your mobile, if not received, you can use Resend OTP button to try again.

How to Change Paytm Account in Uber

  1. Change your Mobile number(Set to new paytm account Mobile number) in Uber account, in mobile or website.
  2. Check how may payment method you already have in Uber like Paytm, Cash (Only in India Hyderabad), International Credit Card
  3. If you have more then 1 payment method, then delete exisitng Paytm, otherwise add one more payment method then delete paytm method.
  4. Re-add paytm, now it will add paytm for newly changed mobile number.

Paytm payment method
Paytm payment method

How to check expiration date of Payment Method

  1. Login to your Uber account on desktop/laptop. Uber app is not showing this detail.
  2. Navigate to payment link
  3. Check as per above screenshot

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I hope above steps will help you regarding paytm and Uber. Read more about Paytm issues and its solution here.

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