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Uber India uberGO price drop for existing users in 10 cities

Pune uberGO prices are slashed upto 15% for existing users
Pune uberGO prices are slashed upto 15% for existing users

As per Uber update:
At Uber we’re always looking for ways to deliver lower prices to riders to make Uber an everyday transportation option. From Tuesday, 12 April 2016, uberGO prices will be dropped to ₹6/km*, making it even more affordable to get around Pune.

New UberGO rates in cities

  • Ahmedabad : Rs 5 per KM
  • Indore : Rs 5 per KM
  • Pune: Rs 6 per KM
  • Nagpur : Rs 5 per KM
  • Visakhapatnam : Rs 5 per KM
  • Ajmer : Rs 7 per km
  • Jodhpur : Rs 7 per km
  • Udaipur : Rs 7 per km
  • Mangalore : Rs 7 per km
  • Trivendrum : Rs 7 per KM

No promocode is required, automatically available in Pune city.

Ola Update: SInce Ola introduced its MICRO category of cabs in almost 18 cities in India, they are winning over Uber in this category and booking too much more then Uber. UberGO prices starts at Rs 7 per KM where MICRO starts at Rs 6 per km but this 1 rupee difference is making huge for OLA customers.

Ola Signup for free ride

Uber may reduce its uberGO prices in more cities if it goes well in Pune. Customers are at profit in this competitive market.

Protip: Always try to uber both apps, just check who ever has less ETA book their cab. Keep booking their cab so both stay in market. Rate your ride accordingly to improve the service further.

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