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Compare and Choose OLA or Uber before each ride?

Compare and Choose OLA or Uber before each ride?
How to Choose between OLA and Uber before a ride?

Now, most of the cab users take both for ride OLA and Uber. Both the aggregators have their benefits and drawbacks, it terms of timing, driver ability, app smoothness and these things vary person to person.

Despite having all the cabs around, you have to choose one economical, fastest, nearest cab to start your trip. Opening all the apps to get estimate of time and fare each time becoming hard. SO there are few solutions for the same known as aggregators of aggregators for cab hailing apps .

Still you may not want to download an extra app to just compare the cab prices and their availability around you. You must be looking for an easy and already using app to do the same for you.

Google Maps and Google Now

You must be using Google maps for a while and Google Now App (Default app with Android). Google Now knows your HOME and WORK location and keep updated the time need to reach either destination depending upon where you are. You can click on same estimate to know more detail in Google Map.

Google map provides estimated distance, time, traffic, fastest route and some other details on the first page. If you click navigate to your destination button, it will list time taken by Car, Bus, Public Transport, walk and at last tab cabs are listed.

Depending upon city you are in, Google map lists the cab type and its prices in above screenshot. You can easily compare all types of available options with estimated fare and time. Now you can decide your ride based upon your confort without installing and other annoying app.

Its all done with existing app. If you don't see these details, your Google map may be old, update it asap.

Bonus Tip: Tap on any fav estimate, it will open respective app with pick up and drop off location set,, ready to book a ride on single click. Warning : Beware of surge notification if any.

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