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How to check validity of a Uber referral code

Uber referral program is great way to acquire new customers in this competitive market of taxi business. Uber is using this strategy since beginning. Uber entered in India almost two years ago and started with free credits to new users and lets see how its changed over time.

The best things in life are free. So we’ll let you in on a little secret: Invite your friends to sign up for Uber and you’ll both receive a free ride. All you need to do is get them to try Uber with your referral code!

Uber referral rides are at new low level but still it's good. Uber is reducing its prices so it's easy to take a ride of 10 km in this amount in uberGO or cheapest available option in your city, which is good introductory offer to new riders.

Get valid referral code for new user: Uber India Sign up and get 1 free ride 

How to check validity of a Uber referral code
How to check validity of a Uber referral code

Check validity of referral code

If you are not able to invite anyone , your promo code may be marked as invalid, you can check it by following simple step.
  • Open Uber app (borrow someone else mobile where uber app is installed)
  • Goto Payments and try to apply your promo code eg ."  uberabhiue  etc"
  • If you see message as above image then your referral code is marked invalid.
  • Note: Don't apply, your own code to your own app. 
Solution: Write to Uber support explaining your situation and provide your govt ID , they might enable your account.

How to invite your friends in your referral list? Step by step
  • Tell friends to sign up for Uber using your invite code
  • For every friend who signs up and rides, you both get a free ride
  • You’ll receive notification that your first free ride is in your account, and it will auto-apply to your next trip
  • You could ride free forever

What happens if I refer someone in a different city where the referral amount differs? – If you refer someone from another city, your friend will get the amount that is valid for the city that you signed up on Uber with.

If I entered the promo code before Feb 15, 2016 but ride later, what amount will I receive for my free ride? – You will receive the amount that was due to you prior to Feb 15.

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