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Uber Granted Patent For Surge Pricing Verification

Uber Granted Patent For Surge Pricing Verification
Uber Granted Patent For Surge Pricing Verification
You must have seen similar screen on Uber app frequently when you try to book a ride. If you haven't seen one you must be very lucky and saved many bucks for your ride. The above screenshot is a surge confirmation page.

Surge Price Protest and petitions : Karnataka govt came up with fixed price policy, or capped surge pricing policy, It will be interesting to see how the demand will be managed by Uber and OLA with the help of govt in recent future once the capped policy gets applied.

Uber received some complaint that users being charged too much without knowing them. Actually Uber each time notified customers about exact surge factor but customers have ignored it for didn't notice or were too drunk/sleepy to notice it, hence Uber came with idea to manual verification of surge factor.

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Uber, OLA both use surge factor, OLA don't ask for manual verification of surge, and now Uber has patented the system/process, OLA have to invent some thing different way to get it done soon. OLA too facing complaint for huge surge factor charges.

Uber recently received a patent for online travel booking portal similar to makemytrip or yatra, just that Uber has included last mile connectivity as well menas door to door booking. Uber musafir offers came for similar portal pilot testing, I guess so.

Here’s how Uber’s patent describes the feature: “In response to a request from the user for the on-demand service when the real-time price is equal to or exceeds the threshold price, an intermediate interface can be provided that the user is to correctly respond to before a service request can be transmitted to a service system.”

The patent application was filed in 2013, and it lists five inventors, including Uber CEO Travis Kalanick.

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