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Uber Chennai increases its fare for long distance ride

Uber Chennai increases its fare for long distance ride Uber is changing its price structure for long distance ride from today, effective immediately. Its not new to increase fare for long distance, its already there in Bangalore and Hyderabad, but the threshold distance is different.

Teleport: Get your friends delivered via Uber ride which is already paid without Uber app

Wanna hangout with friends or call a family member to some location you are hanging out? You are not in mood to explain the address and clearly not in mood to book a ride and have conversation with Uber driver to annoy them. Here's how it works. You select which friend you want to send an Uber to and the app sends them a request. When your friend accepts the request, their phone sends the app a location pin, which Teleport uses to send them an Uber. The app then gives them the identifying and arrival information, even if they don't have Uber or Teleport installed on their phone (it works through a web app). What is standard ride request process for a friend? Accept ride in Mobile browser Now, sending someone else an Uber is possible with the standard Uber app, but it's not a smooth process. Teleport's developers describe the hassle pretty well, which requires you to: Find out where your friend is (which involves waiting for them to respond to your tex

Possible Solution for Uber Driver Protest all over the world

Solution to a problem : the missing piece What is Uber? Uber Technologies Inc. (stylized as U B E R ) is an American international transportation network company headquartered in San Francisco, California ( New office photos ). The company develops, markets and operates the Uber mobile app, which allows consumers with smartphones to submit a trip request which is then routed to Uber drivers who use their own cars.

Uber's goal is to replace private car ownership with autonomous cars

Just imagine what may happen if these three companies combine their effort by any mean .. Uber - Ride Hailing App Tesla - Electric Car Company Google - Driverless Car Teechnology Uber's is planning to take over the private car ownership model by providing hassle free car availability at your door step without any effort. Eventually Uber will handle everything from your car maintenance, insurance, daily cleaning, parking, buying/selling.

Uber Profile to manage personal and business expense easily

Uber Profile to manage personal and business expense easily Uber Profile: Now you can create and maintain two profile in one Uber account, earlier you may have two accounts. One for personal travel another for business travel expenses. It means you can combine two accounts into one if needed. Separate work and personal rides on Uber with Business Profiles Simply add your work email to your Uber account and let Uber do the rest. Uber Profile Creation Link WHAT ARE BUSINESS PROFILES? Business profiles are a more efficient way for business travelers to manage their trips. When a rider creates a business profile, they are prompted to associate a business email address and default credit card (typically a corporate card) with their profile. All trips taken on that profile will default to their corporate credit card, and all receipts will be sent to their business email. Additionally, business travelers will be prompted to add an expense code and memo to each trip (though thi

Uber India News you must know before taking a ride

Uber India News you must know before taking a ride Uber brought on-demand economy to India in taxi hailing segment. Some are happy about it and some are not happy. Everyone has their own reason. Here are some news links from last week news. Its the customer who can decide what is good or bad. Read them before making any decision about the company or service.

25% Discount OLA Money on Zopper App Max Rs 2500

Zopper App to shop from Local Shops Hey Guys, Zopper is  On Demand  Market Place for bulk items My Zopper App  Referral  Code :  J363U3 (Get Rs 300 with Sign up) Zopper is a hyperlocal marketplace which helps consumers to find products and check offline prices. Zopper lets users search for products across categories and check prices and place an order from nearby stores.

Schedule your Uber rides with BumperApp

Schedule your Uber rides with Bumper App Soon you will be able to schedule your Uber rides. Bumper app has capability to book your ride at request time on your behalf. You can schedule multiple rides in advance.

Win GOLD coin with Uber in Kolkata

Win GOLD coin with Uber in Kolkata This diwali , Uber Kolkata brings a chance to win Gold coin and some vouchers for rides you take on Uber. This is as simple as taking ride in a click. Keep riding for more chance to win. Read this post in details to know more.. DIWALI CELEBRATION WITH UBER HOTAIRBALOON IN HYDERABAD Kolkata , brighten up your Diwali with 24 carat Gold coins! Yes, you heard us right. For the first time ever, we bring you an opportunity to win gold coins in partnership with Indian Gem and Jewellery Creation. All you need to do is apply the promo code KOLGOLD and take two rides in Kolkata from 9th November – 15th November! RIDE FOR THE CHANCE TO WIN FREE GOLD COINS HOW IT WORKS Open your Uber app, tap the Profile icon and click on Promotions Enter the promo code KOLGOLD Take 2 rides with Uber from November 9 – November 15, 2015 in Kolkata The more rides you take, the more are your chances to win THE DETAILS The winner will be chosen on November

Diwali celebration with Uber HotAirBaloon in Hyderabad

Diwali celebration with Uber HotAirBaloon Uber is again here with amazing offer for you. This time its paid but its gonna be fun. Read this ost in detail and comment if something is not clear in details. Hyderabad, it’s time to light up those diyas and spread some joy this Diwali. We’re bringing you a chance to request a Hot Air Balloon (that’s right!) through your Uber app! At Uber, we love celebrating our cities. For us, Hyderabad is best characterised by youthful innovation, an old-school charm, and gorgeous weather. We’ve put all this together to pack a delightful evening to bring you #HotAirBalloon! WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW TO REQUEST A #HOTAIRBALLOON Service will run between 10.30AM – 1.30PM. IST on Nov 10, 2015* Ensure your linked Airtel OR Paytm wallet has a minimum INR 1,500 balance Select #HotAirBalloon in the Uber app Press the black bar that reads “Set Pickup Location” If everything looks correct, press the request button at the bottom of the screen You w

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