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Uber brings back uberAUTO in new cities

Uber brings back uberAUTO in new cities
Uber brings back uberAUTO in new cities
Uber is already cheapest ride in town but they are bringing another cheaper ride which is uberAUTO. This option in app will call an nearbuy auto-rickshaw for your short ride in city with minimal fare starting with Rs 15 only. Uber is launching this service in Coimbatore and Bhubaneswar .

Uber says they are committed to provide affordable and best rides in town. Uber is running luxary cars, cars with wifi in some cities, normal sedan cars, hatchback cars for low cost, auto  even they tried bikes in some cities. Read uberMOTO lanuch in delhi and bangalore.

Uber was running auto-rickshaw in hyderabad, delhi and some other cities but they have stopped it soon saying they are not able to scale it. Read here Uber suspendes auto-rickshaw and wifi cars in city.

Autos are iconic and one of the primary modes of transportation in many of the cities across India. With uberAUTO, we are using technology to offer more choice by expanding the universe of transportation in cities where auto-rickshaws are a staple.

With this launch, while uber is offering another low-cost and reliable option for their riders, the drivers also get an opportunity to work more efficiently–using technology to get more ride requests.

How to Book : Just look for uberAUTO option in Uber app.

The fine print

There is no booking fee or additional charge to riders
A valid uber account is needed to be able to book an uberauto ride
A maximum of 3 people can ride in an uberauto

Fares for uberauto in coimbatore – ₹3/km + ₹1/min + ₹15 (min fare) | base fare ₹15. uberautos are currently available within these city limits

Fares for uberauto in bhubaneswar – ₹3/km + ₹1/min + ₹15 (min fare) | base fare ₹15. uberautos are currently available within these city limits

From News site

UberAUTO service was inaugurated by Bhubaneswar Municipal Corporation (BMC) Mayor Ananta Narayan Jena. Also present were Priyadarshi Mishra, MLA, Bhubaneswar North, and Krishan Kumar, BMC Commissioner.

Jena said, "The Smart City project is a priority for Bhubaneswar and we welcome initiatives like uberAUTO which provide smart mobility solutions. Such solutions will make travelling in the city safer as well as more affordable and convenient for citizens of Bhubaneswar."

Ashwin Dias, General Manager, Uber East, said: "We are excited to launch uberAUTO in Bhubaneswar - India's top smart city. Auto-rickshaws are a key part of the city and with our new service, uberAUTO drivers will spend less time waiting for passengers, thereby earning more income each day."

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