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Always late for Uber now pay late fee after 2 mins

Uber changes its policy on experiment basis by introducing late fee and small window of ride cancellation to make sure drivers availability and utilizing the resource better. Uber is encouraging riders to enter destination in advance to make better match.

Always late for Uber now pay late fee after 2 mins
Uber App in Delhi Car
Uber Late Fee to Riders

Now Uber will charge you if you make your ride to wait more then 2 mins. Uber knows you may miss the key, or not ready to take ride or your uber arrived early but still you cannot make your uber wait for more then 2 mins. You have to pay late fee depending upon city and currency it will vary.

Uber Ride cancellation fee (How to get back cancellation fee)

Earlier there was 5 mins window for ride cancellation , it meant you can decide if you don't want to take the ride due to unavoidable reason. Such as driver is not able to locate you, you made the wrong pick up point, change in plans be it any reason the window is limited to decide now.

Set Destination in advance

Uber is show notification to almost every rider to set destination in advance, as advance as before booking the ride. Uber system will then try to match you with the best driver available on time and location. This will help drivers who are about to end their trip and want trip towards their home only.

Resource Optimization

Uber is optimizing its resource which is driver and application. They want to reduce wait time while pickup, reduce time between next pickup. Uber seems to be committed to utilize every second of drivers time to get more from them. Some drivers complain that they don't get time for lunch or snacks break some days, as back to back trips keep coming due to recent changes in uber app features.

Uber Blog excerpts

We’re experimenting with wait times and cancellations in Dallas, New Jersey, New York, and Phoenix. If they improve the experience for riders and drivers, we’ll look at rolling them out more broadly. 
Our goal is to help riders and drivers connect quickly and easily so they can get on their way and we hope pilots like these give us the flexibility to test new ideas and improve the reliability of our platform.

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