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Delhi Uber cabs discount code 25% for existing customers

Delhi NCR gets 25% discount on each ride through this week
Delhi NCR gets 25% discount on each ride through this week
Officially Odd-even restriction is over from Delhi-NCR, it means Rs 2000 fine is removed but its up to you now to follow the same to reduce pollution and leave delhi better for your next generation.

From today more number of cars will be on road, traffic will be again high, pollution level will increase but you can do you bit to normalize all this by using Car-pooling in delhi, or taking a public transport, or riding through Uber cabs.

Uber Delhi brings 25% discount for you all through this week. This discount will be on and above car-pooling discounts which is already 40% lower to normal rides.

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The Odd-Even experiment might be over but Uber's chances are not. Uber is giving you 25% off your rides across Delhi NCR. As  traffic congestion goes up from today, sit back and not behind the wheel.
Apple watch uber app
Apple watch uber app

  1. Discount shall be redeemed only upon applying the promo code 25DELHI
  2. Max 2 trips per day per user
  3. Can not be clubbed with any other promo
  4. Promo is applicable starting 4th March
  5. Offer valid for rides in Delhi NCR only
  6. Maximum discount per ride shall be ₹75
  7. Not valid on uberPOOL rides
  8. Creating multiple accounts is a violation of our terms and will make your accounts ineligible for further promotions.
Uber may introduce some more features to provide better service in Delhi and other part of India. Uber CEO Travis was in city on last Friday and he met our PM Narendra Modi.

He introduced himself as Problem Solver-in-Chief of delhi. Uber delhi team must have informed him about Indian situation, needs, conditions. Lets see how he comes up with new solutions.

Travis said, due to restriction in Indian payment system they have introduced Cash and Paytm, which was never implemented anywhere in the world. Currently Uber cash is available in most of the Indian Cities and on most of the accounts.

Uber is facing some fraud from drivers in terms of fake booking to earn trip bonus or complete minimum trips for a day to be eligible for day bonus. This fraud leads to Uber may drop cash payment for some users or all users.

I informed about this to Uber India and they are closly looking in the matter, I don;t know how they will deal this matter but as a riders, I urge to all of you that , you must not book any fake rides if driver asks instead report that driver.

Please write your problems and any concern in the comments over the situation and Uber delhi discount offer. Is this offer enough for you to use Uber or you need more discountbecause you feel Uber is still costly then other cabs??

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