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Instant delivery and tracking Solution , powered by uberRUSH

Last year Uber started experimenting with home delivery service with few stores and food joints in some US cities like San Francisco etc. Uber is targeting such service where customers tend to pay extra to get faster delivery like Food, medicines, fashion products, gift items, custom made items etc.

Inside Uber Office in San Francisco

After AOL, Dreamhost and Ebay offices, the Studio O+A has designed the office of the company Uber located in San Francisco. Minimalist, modern and wooden, we can find marble on the counter at the reception and neons in the hallway. A beautiful head office to discover in images in the gallery.

Uber is monitoring over-speeding by drivers using Gyrometers

Uber is Using Gyrometers to check if driver is over speeding. Now Uber will collect data about drivers using one more sensor.  See here: What User data Uber app is collecting?

More info about Gyroscope/Gyrometer

UBER Summer Internship program for students in India Apply Here

Update : April 3
Ahmedabad has opening for internships only for students..

Read here

Update: Intern positions are available at Mysore and Mangalore cities.

Are you in search of the #BestStudentJob, ever? Uber is looking for hustlers [interns] across all Uber cities to join our team.

Apply here for Uber student internship

Uber is available in 26 Indian cities which are as follows


Uber is expanding to new cities rapidly, keep this page handy for new offers and opportunity. Uber's new cities are AJMER and NASHIK.

Learn. Earn. Get in on the action. Apply now!

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Still not on uber: Uber India Sign up and get 1 free ride
Still looking for ideas: 7 …

Underemployed Actors Cricketers and Artists Work for Uber as Side Job

Being a taxi driver for some extra earning for actors in India is not new. We have seen many movies where struggling actors used to do odd-jobs like being a waiter in restaurants , taxi-drivers etc.

over the last two years droves of [actors and artists] have gone to work for ride-sharing services...because of their flexible hours and, until recently, decent pay.
Some more news from around the world for same
Waiters No More: Unemployed Actors Now Drive UbersHollywood Actor Considering Job As Uber DriverThe New Side Job for Actors and Artists in Los Angeles: DrivingFormer Pakistan cricketer Arshad Khan driving Uber cab in SydneyUnderemployed Actors and Artists in Los Angeles Work for Uber and Lyft Read Also: Meet the Uber Driver Who Built a $2 Billion Company

Most important links to check next ... See Also: How to know, if you have already applied promocode
Still not on uber: Uber India Sign up and get 1 free ride Still looking for ideas: 7 ways to save money while shopping online

UberPOOL is arriving in Hyderabad soon, know FAQs

Just in: According to some drivers in Hyderabad, they are getting instructions about new uberPOOL service in Hyderabad. It's what I was waiting from Uber. UberPOOL is already available in Delhi and Bangalore.

I used to commute alone for between office and home. Now it will be upto 50% cheaper ride for me. I know it will add few more mins for me to complete my ride but its ok till it save some bucks for me and reduce pollution, traffic.

Read Also: Uber is validating car-pooling and may open new era in cab service

I know it's a new concept for Indian customers and specially drivers. It will be difficult to adjust between more then one customer for drivers. Here everyone care about their time but not others.


How are fares calculated?
If an uberPOOL trip is not matched, fares are exactly the same as a normal uberX trip. If the trip is matched and there are two pickups, both pickups receive a discounted fare and the driver receives the sum of the two individual fares, less Ube…

Be a Uber Student Brand Ambassadors in Chennai

Uber Chennai is looking for Students to expand its user base in city with the help of you. Uber is very good at marketing and this is one of the way to do the same. Uber earlier tried this way to promote its app based cab hailing service now again they are trying same.

Chance to Win iPhone6s in Kolkata

Kolkata, start this New Year with a bang! For the first time ever, we bring you an opportunity to win an iPhone 6s!

All you need to do is apply the promo code LUCKYKOL and take two rides in Kolkata from 29th January – 5th February!

Comapre and Book Uber OLA Meru EasyCabs and other cabs from One App

Indian commuters are very price sensitive, they always find ways to save money. If there is any app which can show them the nearest and cheapest cab , then it will be the best.

Indian commuters want to ride in cab but willing to pay only bus fare that's why they like share cabs which they used to find on signals, the cabs going back to office or going to pick someone.

Patang & Gift Boxes from UBER on this sankranti

Updated Uber Sankranti Offers

Uber Udaipur Offer
We have partnered with Sai Sagar to bring a specially brewed mix of their legendary Coffee with quality kites and a hint of #UberLove… right to your doorstep. This 15th, you will be able to request #UberSankranti hampers on-demand from your Uber app for FREE!

Uber Nagpur Offer

We at Uber have partnered with Getnow.At to bring to you kites, maanjaa and some sweet surprises, right at your doorstep. This Friday, you will be able to request Patang gift box on-demand! That’s right!

Uber Nashik Offer

We at Uber have partnered with to bring to you kites, firkis and some sweet surprises, right at your doorstep. This Friday, you will be able to request Patang gift box on-demand from your Uber app for FREE! That’s right!

This year offer from Uber to Ahmedabad Riders for free

This Uttarayan the party is on us and we are bringing it… Right to your doorstep! Live Punjabi Dhol Beats! Red Bulls to give you wings! Winter-special Undhiyu! …

12 Ways To Earn More Money While You Have A Full-Time Job

This blog is for primarily Uber promo codes  which helps you to reduce your ride bill. However its not bad to know some more ways to earn money while you are on full-time job.

Celebrate Pongal with Uber and Bigbasket for Free

Uber Chennai brings pongal celebration at your doorstep for free with the bigbasket sponsor . Uber Chennai already has cash payment system in city. Uber has lot more offers for you, keep this page bookmarked to get notified earliest.

Uber wants to feed you more info while on trip and accomplish task

Hope you are enjoying discounted Uber ride in Chennai and kolkata. Uber lets you share your trip details to your family and friends, uber let you send SOS in case of emergency, uber let you split-fare with your co-riders. Its all already available.

Startup India Standup India Speakers

PM Modi is about to launch startup india standup india programe for Indian entrepreneur on jan 16th, 2016. Above picture shows the list of speakers at the event. One of the speaker is Travis Kalanick who is co-founder of Uber. Uber is currently valued at $62 Billion, one of the highest valued startup in the world.

Uber slashes price in more then 100 cities with earning guarantee

Uber is doing it again, its slashing its prices across 100 cities upto 40% in this time just after new-year surge pricing war. This is low time for Uber like last year.

Free VIP access to The Neon Headline act by The Chainsmokers at Karandak 2016

This weekend you can have access to live concert by The Chainsmokers’ all for free with exclusive pick and drop to event from your doorstep in Uber cab.

How to get virtual Card from FreeCharge and use with Uber

Uber has cash payment, paytm , airtel money and many other options to pay but Its not bad to have one more option which is entirely safe from extra payments. Here I am going to show you, how you can get one more credit card which is virtual credit card and can be used with any merchant in India, basically who ever accepts payment in Indian rupees will accept this card.

Uber may drop Cash Payment due to frauds by Driver

Uber introduced cash payment in around 6 countries and may try in few more cities around the world. Check here about the Uber cash payment availability in your city. There is not much to do to use cash option for payment.

Earn via UberCOMMUTE in your Private Car Sign up for CarPooling

Uber Bangalore launches uberCOMMUTE service in city limits to provide earning opportunity to private car owners who is commuting alone to their destination.

Delhi Car Pool FAQs : The Etiquette Guide #OddEven

There are many car pooling services available in Delhi-NCR and all are trying to capitalize the situation. OLA, Bla Bla Car and meru introduced their app to pool your private car in Delhi. You may have enough options but the best service will win the game.

How to report issue with uber trip via Fare Review?

Here comes my first blog post about the issues many people may be facing sometime. You may not be happy with your Uber experience. You may have had bad driver, bad route, longer duration of trip, trip didn't end properly on drop off location, driver was talking on phone, trip route was not optimized.

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