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Successful startup founder turned to driving with Uber, R U thinking too?

Just read an article about this Uber driver who is actually a successful startup founder. Read here his story, why did he turn into Uber driver and how much he is making.

You may have already seen some successful businesses out of Uber or many rich people already driving for Uber in their ultra modern cars. Here is a glimpse..

Uber Delhi BMW Driver via CarPOOL
Uber Delhi BMW Driver via CarPOOL
Uber Delhi BMW Driver via CarPOOL

His experience with Uber Delhi CarPool option, in his words, copied form team bhp forum.

Uber announced their Uber Pool platform where you could share your UBER with others, and even gave a chance to private vehicle owners to sign up on the platform! Details here.

I was obviously very excited and quickly decided to sign up and enrolled in the driver program. I have to mention the entire process was very smooth and completely online. I just went, uploaded all the documentation they requested and waited for their approval. I did have to tweet to them a few times to get my account verified.

Signup experience:

  • Go to and sign up as a driver.
  • Upload all necessary documentation they require. (ID Proof, Car Registation, Car Insurance
  • Additional documents they requested was PASSPORT
  • You can sign up multiple vehicles, you will need to submit ownership proof and insurance for all of them.
  • Go to and update bank details.
  • Voila! The account has been verified.
  • Download UBER Partners APP on iOS/Android and you're ready to go!

Some of the key points to remember for Uber POOL Delhi currently are.
  • Low requests incoming because of not many people wanting to pool.
  • App interface is a little clunky, and I somehow feel its not working correctly.
  • Carpooling option is available only between 7AM – 9PM
  • Carpool trips can be requested from and to most parts of Central, South & West Delhi, Gurgaon and some parts of NOIDA.
  • You cannot have a friend or anyone else in the car, its against their policy.
  • The payouts you get as a driver are paltry and not a good incentive to signup

Read full thread on team bhp with more pics and screenshots about his experince.

The Uberpreneur: How An Uber Driver Makes $252,000 A Year
The Uberpreneur: How An Uber Driver Makes $252,000 A Year
The Uberpreneur: How An Uber Driver Makes $252,000 A Year
“It’s a genius way to start a business nowadays, especially because nobody’s doing it.”
This man sells jewellery items in his car, he made his showroom inside his car and selling a lot. Read about it all here on forbs

Your next Uber driver could be driving a Tesla
Your next Uber driver could be driving a Tesla
Your next Uber driver could be driving a Tesla

Jack Bailey, a 25-year-old Splend Uber driver, has picked up about 10 passengers in the $210,000 Tesla S 90D since New Year's Eve in Sydney and he will be driving the car for a couple more weeks before handing it over to the next Splend driver.

Bailey said since he's been driving the Tesla he has been careful with choosing his passengers. He would only pick up passengers with 4.8 or 4.9 out of five star ratings for the fear they would damage the car.

Read more about him here

It's not about what you do it, Its all about how you do it. People make money out of nowhere and people loose money everywhere. 
Let me know If you got better reason not to drive for Uber, Uber is great opportunity who know how to cash on, for others its just another job. Uber mostly get negative publicity all around the world by media and reporters because its disrupting the current taxi economy.

Old taxi companies are closing, so they are uniting to fight against Uber, but no one knows about the future. In the meantime cash on Uber and have best time. Learn more about more about being a driver here.

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