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Apply PromoCode Take 3 rides win iPhone 6S

win iphone via Uber rides Uber recently completed its march madness first contest by giving you holiday tickets in association with country club . Now they are here again with another stunning gift for you, which is iPhone 6S latest release by apple.

UberMOTO arrives in India by Uber Bangalore and Gurgaon

UberMOTO arrives in India by Uber Bangalore Update: UberMOTO launched in Gurgaon as well today. Looking to give uberMOTO a try? Your first uberMOTO ride is on us, enter promo: MOTOGGN (Yes, even for existing users!) Today, Uber Bangalore is very excited to announce the launch of uberMOTO , a new service as a pilot in Bangalore. uberMOTO enables riders to tap a button and get a motorbike ride in minutes. It’s a great way for people to save time and money on short trips and provides last mile connectivity at the most affordable price – as low as ₹3/KM*.

What are the main problem Riders are facing with Taxi aggregators like OLA and Uber?

Uber roadbloacks in india Uber Roadblock in India Uber faced several roadblocks in asia since its inceptions. Currently they are facing major roadblock for expansion in India in the name of OLA. Ola keeps releasing new feature in its app and introducing new options for riders.

Earn upto $10000 per Bug you find in Uber

Uber Bug Bounty Program Uber is committed to protect its users in all the possible ways. Uber is securing its technology on all fronts. Uber recently closes one bounty program which was open to limited number of security researchers in US.

April 2016 OLA Promo Code for New and existing Customers

OLA Micro the most economical cab by OLA OLA keeps surprising us with new announcements. OLA recently announced its OLA Bike service on the same day UberAUTO service started in bangalore . Few days back OLA added MICRO service which is the most econimocal options provided by OLA , alomst equal to UberGO pricing point.

Uber Bangalore offers all expense paid INDvsPAK match experience

Uber Bangalore offers all expense paid INDvsPAK match experience Uber Bangalore brings unique plan for your saturday match which is IND vs PAK. Ube rused to bring special offers for its customers time to time. Recently they launched all expense paid trip to holiday destination in association with

5 Lucky winners will get 15 free uber rides each

5 Lucky winners will get 15 free uber rides each The Giveaway is back  in town! This time we have 15 FREE* rides to offer ! And also, guaranteed goodie bags! Uber Baroda brings this super simple contest to all of you.

Uber brings indirect payment method where you can pay for your family ride

Did you ever want to book a ride for your friend but wasn't clear about his location, did you ever wanted to book a ride for your loved ones or rather wanted to pay their ride? Now you can do this all in Uber app. You can pay upto 10 people from your account. You will get mail each time anyone takes a ride. Read more: Uber Business Profile Family Profile organizer Cellular companies have the "family plan," and now Uber has "family profiles," in which one person can pay for rides for up 10 family members, friends, or coworkers. The company announced Wednesday that it would be testing the new payment system in Atlanta, Dallas, and Phoenix. The idea came from feedback from riders who wanted a way to consolidate trip payments under one account, Uber says. Here’s how it works:  For the Family Profile organizer: Make sure you have the latest version of the Uber app. Go to Menu and choose Settings. Scroll down to “ Add a Family Profile ” and selec

Wanna play holi with Sunny Leone Try Uber Contest

Wanna play holi with Sunny Leone Try Uber Contest Uber Surat brings a chance to you to meet sunny leone and take selfie with. This holi is gonna be more surprising for some who will this contest.

Uber Nagpur gives free rides for each retweet with cricket selfie

Uber Nagpur gives free rides for each retweet with cricket selfie Uber Nagpur brings one of a kind free ride contest for all. The more retweets you get the more free ride you get max upto 10 free rides to each. FREE RIDES TO CELEBRATE Whether you plan to catch the game at the stadium, pub or at home, share your favorite moments with us.

March 2016 Uber Pune Contest to Win iPhone 6s and country club stay

March 2016 Uber Pune Contest to Win iPhone 6s and country club stay Previous Contest : Uber Musafir Weekend Gateaway for free This month Uber is bringing you more reasons to Uber with #UberMarchMadness! This contest is applicable to all Uber existing customers, who has signup even just now. Follow this link for Uber account sign up . Sign up now and get first ride for free.

Mega list of Delhi-NCR Tolls and Taxes Public is being milked

65 types of Delhi-NCR Tolls and Taxes ways to avoid them Uber just published a comprehensive list of all tolls and taxes have to be paid by customers in Delhi-NCR area if they cross any. Its too much of tax for DELHI-NCR residents. Airport Terminal 3 Surcharge The highest tax is at Airport terminal 3 as surcharge only for commercial vehicle except Mega and Meru cabs because they already have agreement to operate from airport area without any extra fee. Simply they already paid the amount to airport management authority while others didn't pay they hence charged as surcharge. If you are in Uber cab these tolls will be automatically added to your bill, while your driver will pay the tax upfront , you don't need to pay cash to driver any time in Uber. After completing the trip either you pay cash or via card that is upto your selected payment method. Full present day toll tax charges list Google Map find route toll free Ideas to avoid toll tax: 1. Walking i

uberPITCH for Startups arrives in Hyderabad

uberPITCH for Startups arrives in Hyderabad Got an Idea? Working on a business model?  Always wanted to pitch your big idea to a room full of investors? This is your golden chance to # UberPITCH your ideas to India’s most accomplished investors from T-Hub, NASSCOM 10K Startups amongst other prominent venture firms.

Uber free ride arrives in Bhopal Madhya Pradesh

Uber free ride arrives in Bhopal Madhya Pradesh You must have heard about Uber in news for good & bad, Uber is already available in Indore, well they are in your city now. Experience the world class cab hailing service in Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh.

Delhi Uber cabs discount code 25% for existing customers

Delhi NCR gets 25% discount on each ride through this week Officially Odd-even restriction is over from Delhi-NCR, it means Rs 2000 fine is removed but its up to you now to follow the same to reduce pollution and leave delhi better for your next generation.

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