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Uber wants to feed you more info while on trip and accomplish task

Uber Trip Experiences
Uber Trip Experiences
Hope you are enjoying discounted Uber ride in Chennai and kolkata. Uber lets you share your trip details to your family and friends, uber let you send SOS in case of emergency, uber let you split-fare with your co-riders. Its all already available.
Uber is highly motivated to monetize its trip duration via some mean, currently uber is allowing third party apps to show notification , accomplish some basic tasks, or show some ads based upon location/destination.

Soon, Uber may also provide dedicated service to improve trip experience to set itself stand apart from its competitor like OLA in India or lyft in USA cities.

Uber released new update to its developer API to improve 'Uber trip experience', by allowing you to give access about your trip details to third party apps which may notify you some usefull information while you are in trip.

Some examples given by Uber API is as follows ..
  • Entertainment - 10 minutes of music or video for a 10 minute trip
  • News - Get a 5 minute news briefing for a 5 minute trip
  • Gamification - Earn points/rewards for moving around your city
  • Local Guides - Insights for, and offers around, your destination
  • Special Content - Unlock special filters, emojis or other virtual goods while you’re in an Uber
  • Smart Thermostat - Turn on the heat when you’re approaching home
  • Smart Lights - Turn off the lights when you leave home

Uber trip information for developer, this means that, for every trip a given user takes with Uber, developer will see and use in app to improve experience ..
  • That a user may have free time (they are on a trip with Uber)
  • The state of their trip (arriving/in progress)
  • How much time they have (estimated time to pickup and destination)
  • Where the Uber is at the moment (current location)
  • Where they’re coming from (pickup location)
  • Where they’re going (destination location)
Users will be in complete control.
Uber says it's aware that with great power comes great responsibility, which is why the company claims that users will be in complete control. "They will need to give permission before their favorite apps can connect to Uber and access their trip details," the company says. "And users will be able to turn off the feature app by app at any point if it's not useful."

Start exploring new api here : Uber trip Experience API documentation

Uber earlier tried with Uber magazine in some US cities as experiment, there is no new news about it so Uber may thinks that going digital via Uber app API is better then going via printing named 'ARRIVING NOW'.

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