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Uber slashes price in more then 100 cities with earning guarantee

Uber slashes price in more then 100 cities with earning guarantee
Uber slashes price in more then 100 cities with earning guarantee

Uber is doing it again, its slashing its prices across 100 cities upto 40% in this time just after new-year surge pricing war. This is low time for Uber like last year.

Holiday is over, people back to work, so there will be less rides in day time, except office commute timing, drivers will be idle or less occupied for some time of day.

Uber slash its price to get some more rides from its competitors to gain more earning to its drivers. This price cut is applied to US and Canada market for now.

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Uber is testing a new approach to ensure availability of drivers during price cut by minimum guarantee earning for its drivers but they have to follow some rules to get minimum pay which are as follows.

Uber has given a few more details. According to an email from a spokesperson, in order to get the earnings guarantee, drivers:

  • Must accept at least 90% of trips
  • Must average at least 1 trip/hour
  • Must be online for 50 minutes of every hour worked

Similar price cut may happen in Indian cities as well if Uber see riders drop or see any chance to increase uber earning in India.

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According to uber blog

While pricing is a science, every city is different: different economic circumstances; different regulations; different competition. We’ve learned over the years that we do best when we test new things. With each new test—small or large—we learn more about the choices riders make, and how those choices impact earnings for drivers.
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