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Uber may drop Cash Payment due to frauds by Driver

Uber may drop Cash Payment due to frauds by Driver
Uber may drop Cash Payment due to frauds by Driver

Uber introduced cash payment in around 6 countries and may try in few more cities around the world. Check here about the Uber cash payment availability in your city. There is not much to do to use cash option for payment.

Cash option can be used same as paytm or airtel money or any other method. Uber used to introduce new payment methods to indian users time to time. Uber earlier started with Credit card payment, but due to some RBI norms for payment authentication they stopped accepting credit or debit card.

Uber found paytm as good option and its still the best option to use Uber for daily rides. I use Uber for office commute and almost always pay through Paytm, some time cash when I face issue with Paytm.

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Cash Payment frauds by Uber Driver

Uber used to give incentive on each trip or finishing some minimum rides per day. Uber driver used to book cash rides by them self or asking their friends/family to book cash rides to get incentives by Uber.

Some time driver used to ask customer for another cash trip booking after drop off at your destination. Here customer thinks they don't have to pay what is wrong in it to make cash booking but it helps some particular drivers and affects overall incentive payment system and finally affects all drivers in long run.

Don't encourage such drivers , better report such drivers to Uber.

Recently drivers were doing protest against the incentive removal from Uber, now Uber is paying again to retain customer and driver but some drivers are exploiting the system.

According to a driver in Hyderabad

UberX Driver: New driver joined in Hyderabad in his new Verito and very happy to join uber. His first weekly payment came around Rs 29k.  There was exclusive incentive plan on New year night,, as if someone completes 7 rides in peak hours which was 8 pm to 4 AM, then Uber will pay him 4000.

Now , after new year there is also similar offer, such as complete 8 rides in peak hours and total 10 rides per day to get 4000 fixed income from uber.  Drivers are booking fake cash trips to get the count done on each day.

Uber may withdraw Cash Payment Option

Some users complain about cash options is not appearing in their mobile. It's may be on purpose and Uber is evaluating option to withdraw cash option from system. Users who already have paytm or any other option for payment they may not need cash as an option so why to show them.

Cash payments are untraceable by system but Uber thought it might be helpful to users but now they are facing the heat from driver. Its very difficult to track if a cash ride is genuine or not.

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Uber may block uber and driver if found misusing the cash method to gain extra incentive from Uber. Such block will be permanent on account.

Hope you find this information useful and help you maintain good rating in Uber system. High rating ensures better ride.

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