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UberPOOL is arriving in Hyderabad soon, know FAQs

UberPOOL is arriving in Hyderabad soon, know FAQs
UberPOOL is arriving in Hyderabad soon, know FAQs
Just in: According to some drivers in Hyderabad, they are getting instructions about new uberPOOL service in Hyderabad. It's what I was waiting from Uber. UberPOOL is already available in Delhi and Bangalore.

I used to commute alone for between office and home. Now it will be upto 50% cheaper ride for me. I know it will add few more mins for me to complete my ride but its ok till it save some bucks for me and reduce pollution, traffic.

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I know it's a new concept for Indian customers and specially drivers. It will be difficult to adjust between more then one customer for drivers. Here everyone care about their time but not others.


How are fares calculated?
If an uberPOOL trip is not matched, fares are exactly the same as a normal uberX trip. If the trip is matched and there are two pickups, both pickups receive a discounted fare and the driver receives the sum of the two individual fares, less Uber’s commission.

How far will I go out of the way to pick up someone else?
uberPOOL matches riders going in the same direction. A rider requesting an uberPool understands that he or she may have to go a little out of the way, but we’ll make sure that it’s not too inconvenient for riders.

How do you know that riders are going in the same direction?
Riders are required to enter their destination when requesting an uberPOOL. We’ll only match up riders who are traveling along a similar route.

How many riders are allowed at a time?
uberPOOL allows up to two riders per pickup location. If two riders are picked up together, they must also be dropped off together. We will communicate this policy to riders, but if more than two riders show up at a pickup point, kindly request that they cancel that trip and request an uberX.

How will I know if I have two requests for an uberPOOL?
Matching can occur anytime during the trip, as the above video shows. If you receive a second request after the trip has started, please accept the request and the Uber app will redirect you.

What if a rider doesn’t show up?
We’ll make sure that riders understand that when they request an uberPOOL, another pickup and a driver are now depending on them to show up on time. As a driver, we suggest that you wait one minute before calling the rider. If the rider still hasn’t showed up after another minute, cancel the trip and move on.

Can riders change their destination? 
No, with uberPOOL dropoff locations are fixed. Riders are not allowed to change their destination after they have requested a ride. If a rider wants to change their destination, kindly request that they cancel and request another uberPOOL.

Can I prearrange a trip with a rider?
uberPOOL riders cannot prearrange a trip with you, since sometimes their best match may be with another drive-partner. If you have a repeat customer to whom you want to offer a ride, please make sure they request uberX.

Which rider should I drop off first?
The Uber Driver App will tell you the most efficient order for all rider pickups and dropoffs.

What about surge?
The uberX surge multiplier that is in effect at that time will apply to uberPOOL trips.

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