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Delhi Car Pool FAQs : The Etiquette Guide #OddEven

Delhi Car Pool FAQs The Etiquette Guide
Delhi Car Pool FAQs : The Etiquette Guide
There are many car pooling services available in Delhi-NCR and all are trying to capitalize the situation. OLA, Bla Bla Car and meru introduced their app to pool your private car in Delhi. You may have enough options but the best service will win the game.

Uber Delhi brings car pool feature for you to beat Odd-Even chaos in Delhi for you. Now you can pool your car with other riders using the same great Uber app. Uber app is available for Apple iOS platform app store, android play store and Microsoft app store for Lumia phones and Windows 10 based app.

Uber compiled one blog post for major tips. Enjoy car pooling in Delhi with your co-rider.

Read Uber Blog : Delhi Uber Pool The Etiquette Guide

Since we completely understand that riding solo in the back seat and joining fellow Delhiites in the same car are not the same thing, we thought we’d put together a proper carpooling Etiquette Guide to help ensure you and your co-carpooler have the best experience possible. -- via Uber Blog
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The truth is, we all want to spend less on transportation, we all want what’s best for the environment, and we all want a relaxing, comfortable Uber ride. So why not join the carpool party and jump on in?

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