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How to report issue with uber trip via Fare Review?

How to report issue with uber trip
How to report issue with uber trip
Here comes my first blog post about the issues many people may be facing sometime. You may not be happy with your Uber experience. You may have had bad driver, bad route, longer duration of trip, trip didn't end properly on drop off location, driver was talking on phone, trip route was not optimized.

You can always contact uber with any concern and Uber will try to help you in genuine cases. Such cases will be judged on your rating and driver's rating, means past behavior, past feed backs if any and some more parameters if needed like road condition, traffic condition, high demand time like new year eve or some special events on the way which may affect traffic routes etc.

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Use of trip receipt

You get trip receipt after each trip in mail then visit the trip details page,  which consists above links to find lost item, get a fare review, resend receipt, download invoice (may appear after few hours), with some more details about your trip like start and end location with time, trip route, fare breakup, notification of promocode is applied or not etc.

Report your issue via Fare Review link

You can write brief review about the trip or any issue you faced here. Some cases might be like this as explained below. All the issues are already mentioned in the mobile app. Just go to History-> Select trip -> Need Help? -> Select an Issue to see this page on mobile.

How to report issue with uber trip
How to report issue with uber trip?


If you have concerns about the route your driver took, let us know the details and we’ll be happy to review the fare.

Fares for trips are charged by both distance and time. Keep in mind that if events outside of your driver’s control (such as traffic or construction) impact your fare, we may not be able to provide an adjustment.


You can find the breakdown of your fare by tapping Help in the app, selecting the trip, and tapping Receipt. You can also see the fare breakdown in the receipt sent to your email address.

If you believe your fare was charged incorrectly, please visit the Trips section of the Help menu and select the trip in question to submit your request.


You may cancel your request without charge for up to 5 minutes after your driver accepts your trip.

Cancellations made after 5 minutes will incur a fee to compensate your driver for his or her time. If your driver waits more than five minutes after arriving at your request location and cancels the trip, you will be charged a cancellation fee.

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Please note: if your driver is running more than 5 minutes behind the provided ETA, you will not be charged a cancellation fee.

If you believe you were charged unfairly, please share details below so that we may follow up.

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