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Uber is monitoring over-speeding by drivers using Gyrometers

Uber is monitoring over-speeding by drivers using Gyrometers
Uber is monitoring over-speeding by drivers using Gyrometers

Uber is Using Gyrometers to check if driver is over speeding. Now Uber will collect data about drivers using one more sensor.  See here: What User data Uber app is collecting?

More info about Gyroscope/Gyrometer

Sometimes riders make false complains about drivers and it hurts driver rating. Now Uber will keep speed data for each ride and they will match complaint with trip data and take decision accordingly.

Now this will prevent over-speeding by drivers with proof. Similarly I am annoyed with drivers talking on phone while driving. I don't do anything cause they can too reduce my rating for asking only. There should be something similar tech which can check if drivers are making or receiving calls during the trip.

Detailed post about the same from Uber under the hood

Modern Usage according to wiki

In addition to being used in compasses, aircraft, computer pointing devices, etc., gyroscopes have been introduced into consumer electronics. Since the gyroscope allows the calculation of orientation and rotation, designers have incorporated them into modern technology. The integration of the gyroscope has allowed for more accurate recognition of movement within a 3D space than the previous lone accelerometer within a number of smartphones. Gyroscopes in consumer electronics are frequently combined with accelerometers (acceleration sensors) for more robust direction- and motion-sensing. Examples of such applications include smartphones such as the Samsung Galaxy Note 4, HTC Titan, Nexus 5, iPhone 5s, Nokia 808 PureView and Sony Xperia, game console peripherals such as the PlayStation 3 controller and the Wii Remote, and virtual reality sets such as the Oculus Rift.

Hyderapad Traffic Police imposes chaalan and sometime they may suspend licences but still driver make and receive call during trip. Similarly there are laws in most of the cities for passengers safety but they are not followed.

We are so well versed with mobile calls they we don't even realize that it makes driving three times dangerous for everybody.

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