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Comapre and Book Uber OLA Meru EasyCabs and other cabs from One App

Comapre and Book Uber OLA Meru EasyCabs and other cabs from One App
Comapre and Book Uber OLA Meru EasyCabs and other cabs from One App
Indian commuters are very price sensitive, they always find ways to save money. If there is any app which can show them the nearest and cheapest cab , then it will be the best.

Indian commuters want to ride in cab but willing to pay only bus fare that's why they like share cabs which they used to find on signals, the cabs going back to office or going to pick someone.

Drivers get some extra bucks so they don't mind letting in some extra en-route passengers. Mostly it saves time for passengers and provide some more comfort then bus ride.

Now we have so many cab aggregator that we  need for their app aggregator as well. As the need arises the solutions flows in. Now Uber and OLA provide API to access and allows to book a ride from third party apps.

Some developers have thought its a good time to combine all API and provide a single app to compare rides in normal and with surge pricing before booking a ride.

Now you can select the least expensive or in-budget ride very easy, without navigating to many apps. Here is a glowing list of such apps where you can compare the ride cost, availability , price chart, with online and offline cabs.

Single app to book any online or offline cabs

I tried some apps and found them interesting. They are novice app, can can't guarantee the best experience which you get on native apps but they are improving.

Some of the apps are available outside India and integrating Lyft, sidecar as well. Each city is opposing Uber or like service provider but they know it is the future of transportation so they are also joining the system . Mumbai taxi union launched its own app to counter Uber and Ola in Mumbai.

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