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How to know, if you have already applied promocode

How to know, if you have already applied promocode
How to know, if you have already applied Promocode

I see many visitors comes to this blog to know if their promo code is applied to their account, or when their promo code will be applied to ride, should they apply their promo code before booking a ride or while booking a ride, I am trying to explain about all these thing in this post, read it carefully or again, Keep this page handy by bookmarking(Ctrl + D) it or sharing on your social media like facebook page.

Q. How to verify , if promocode is applied?
A. Its easy to check, just apply it again and you will see message like "Promo code is already applied".

Q. When to apply first promo code which is new user promo code?
A. Apply new user promo code asap, you create new account. It will be applied to your account till next 3 months.
You can book your ride and this promo code will be applied automatically.
After finishing your ride you will get an Uber receipt mentioning the details of the Uber promo code amount and final balance deducted by Paytm/cash/card if any.

Q. When your referral free rides will be applied?
A. Uber has referral free ride system , whenever you refer someone, they get a free ride and when they take their first ride, you will get a free ride.
You will get mail notifying, you have received a free ride, your total balance rides and remaining rides. Each rides comes with expiry date after 3 months.
These rides will get applied in order you received them. No change is possible. You have to take ride in time otherwise they will be removed from your account.
Free rides expiry date can be calculated by email history or in android and iOS, you may see the free rides details.

Q. How to apply special promo code?
A. Some times you may get some special occasion promocode by your company, friend, merchant, don't apply it asap you get. Wait till you are ready to book a ride.
App gives you option to apply promocode to the ride while booking or after booking but before finishing your ride.
If you apply promocode while booking , then this takes precedence and your other free rides if any will wait and get applied to next ride automatically.

Q. What is the promocode order when using them?
A. Promocode applied during booking a ride or during ride takes precedence to all, then free rides or already applied promocode if any, then free credits valid for life time (uber stopped giving them, but if you have any keep it.), then your selected payment method.

Q. How to solve payment issues with paytm?
A. I have a detailed post about issues and solution with paytm.

Q. How to avoid auto ban/disable of your account?
A. I have a detailed post about the quires around this question. Read it here How to avoid auto ban/disable of uber account.

More questions about promocode? Write them in comments.

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