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uberPITCH for Startups arrives in Hyderabad

uberPITCH for Startups arrives in Hyderabad
uberPITCH for Startups arrives in Hyderabad
Got an Idea? Working on a business model? Always wanted to pitch your big idea to a room full of investors? This is your golden chance to #UberPITCH your ideas to India’s most accomplished investors from T-Hub, NASSCOM 10K Startups amongst other prominent venture firms.

The ideas that excite the UberPITCH investors, get a direct entry into the ISK Crowd Product 2016 Grand Finale.  The event’s winners get an exclusive seat at the state-of-the-art T-Hub Hyderabad facility and much more.
Experience #UberPITCH in Hyderabad on 9th March, from 10 AM – 12 PM


Vinutha Rallapalli – VP and Operations Head, Lead Angels (South India)
A Chartered Accountant with over 10+ years of experience across assurance, diligence and advisory. For last four years she was heading various early stage invesment forums for deal origination,deal execution, member and relationship management.

Ramana Gogula – Investing Team, Unitus Seed Fund
Brings in top-tier incubators and accelerators across India to collaborate with Unitus Seed Fund to develop a framework for creating venture invest(able) start-ups.

Abhishek Srivastava – Early Stage Investor, Endiya Partners
Premier Start-up Venture Capital Fund that invests in ideas with the potential to change the world across Technology, Healthcare and Consumer Services.

Anirudh Balakrishnan – Sr. Associate, 10,000 Start-ups
Core team member of the Standup India event where the Hon’ble Prime Minister unveiled the Action plan for start-ups. Takes top startups to the Silicon Valley via NASSCOM.

Ramesh Loganathan – Centre Head, Progress India
An accomplished Technologist, has over 20 years product engineering and R&D leadership experience. Has experience starting and growing product development organizations with high-caliber engineering teams.

Meet the panel and other details

OLD NEWS when uberPITCH arrived in other cities then Hyderabad.

uberPITCH for Startups with TVF Pitchers TVF Qtiyapa
uberPITCH for Startups with TVF Pitchers TVF Qtiyapa
Uber is partnering with Seedstars to organise #UberPitch tomorrow (Tuesday) for innovators, startups and individuals with ideas. Participants will be able to pitch their ideas to a panel of judges that includes investors and industry experts.

Always wanted an expert to hear out your next big idea? Have a feeling that you have what it takes to be a successful entrepreneur?

Gear up to have a golden chance to #uberPITCH your ideas.

Experience #uberPITCH on 12th August in New Delhi, Mumbai and Pune and on 13th Aug in Bangalore | TVF Qtiyapa

This is how it works.

  • Download the Uber app for iPhone, Android, or WindowsPhone
  • Between  12 noon – 4 pm Wednesday & Thursday, request the UberPITCH option via your app
  • If connected, you’ll have a 7 minutes to pitch and 7 minutes for feedback
  • Rides are free and will start and end at your pickup location
  • UberPITCH is only available in New Delhi, Mumbai, Pune ,Bangalore 

There are thousands of strong ideas, but just a few investors for UberPITCH, so demand will be high. If you don’t secure a pitch on your first attempt, keep trying! Nothing ventured, nothing gained, ---- Uber said.

It's your chance to pitch your idea!!TVF Pitchers in association with Uber is offering all the entrepreneurs an opportunity to pitch. Have an idea, story or plan? We are all ears!! Watch the video for more info.#KyaTuBeerHai? #UberPITCH
Posted by TVF Qtiyapa on Tuesday, August 11, 2015

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