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Mega list of Delhi-NCR Tolls and Taxes Public is being milked

65 types of Delhi-NCR Tolls and Taxes ways to avoid them
65 types of Delhi-NCR Tolls and Taxes ways to avoid them
Uber just published a comprehensive list of all tolls and taxes have to be paid by customers in Delhi-NCR area if they cross any. Its too much of tax for DELHI-NCR residents.

Airport Terminal 3 Surcharge

The highest tax is at Airport terminal 3 as surcharge only for commercial vehicle except Mega and Meru cabs because they already have agreement to operate from airport area without any extra fee. Simply they already paid the amount to airport management authority while others didn't pay they hence charged as surcharge.

If you are in Uber cab these tolls will be automatically added to your bill, while your driver will pay the tax upfront , you don't need to pay cash to driver any time in Uber.

After completing the trip either you pay cash or via card that is upto your selected payment method.

Full present day toll tax charges list
Google Map find route toll free
Google Map find route toll free

Ideas to avoid toll tax:

1. Walking is good for health: Cross toll area by walking and then book another cab to avoid toll if possible.

2. Google  Map: Plan ahead and use google map to find toll free road. Google maps has unique feature, it knows where all toll exist operational.

Search a route between as example shown here between Gurgaon to Noida, it shows the first shortest result but warns about toll as well.

Choose second or other option to reach your destination. Always plan when travelling long distance and if possible and worthy avoid tolls.

3. Use fare split : Whenever possible use fare-split with your friends to reduce the burden of tolls.

4. Car-Pooling: This methods reduces your toll tax by half for sure.

5. Fare-Estimate: Look for fare-quote in Uber app to get estimate of trip fare and plan accordingly.

A good read about toll tax
Read Amar Prabhu's answer to Why do we pay Toll Tax in India when we already pay Income Tax , development tax (10 % of your flat's cost, if you can manage to buy one) and vehicle tax? on Quora

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