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UberPOOL Ride anywhere Flat fare week

UberPOOL Ride anywhere Flat fare week
UberPOOL Ride anywhere Flat fare week 
UberPOOL is one of the best option to have safe , entertaining and cost effective ride in city when you are travelling alone or with a friend. UberPOOL helps to reduce number of cars running on road per traveller.

Uber matches two or more rides travelling on same route automatically to optimise the ride. As  customer you need to enter destination and uberPOOL option , rest the app will figure out, who is your travel buddy.

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UberPOOL will add few more minutes to your ride and will cost upto 50% less depending upon the time of booking. If your rides add more then 5 minutes to your ride, then you may complain about it via ride feedback. Your next ride will be smoother.

UberPOOL availability in India
Its available in New Delhi(NCR), Hyderabad, Bangalore, Chennai, Mumbai, Kolkata only where as Uber service is available in 28 cities in India.

UberPOOL flat fare offer for a week

Uber is promoting uberPOOL services in many cities in India and they want you to take your ride via uberPOOL. Uber have set a flat fare for a limited distance ride in Delhi NCR region. No promocode is required, simply book your ride.

How to uberpool
How to uberpool

Delhi, Ride anywhere at Flat ₹49 to and from Yellow Line Metro Stations
Starting this Monday, 12 December until Saturday, 31 December 2016 all POOL rides to and from Delhi Metro Yellow Line Metro Stations will be available at a flat fare of ₹49 up to 8kms distance, no strings attached! Read Details about uberpool offer in delhi

Mumbai Commute for Rs 40 with uberPOOL
Rides To And From Churchgate or CST Station
Pay no more than Rs 40 on uberPOOL rides from Churchgate or CST Station up to Colaba and back during commute hours. Read more about Mumbai commute hours and coverage area.

Noida and Ghaziabad, ride anywhere at Flat ₹50
Starting this Tuesday, November 22 until Tuesday, December 6, all POOL rides inside Noida and Ghaziabad will be available at a flat fare of ₹50 up to 10kms distance, no strings attached! Read here more about coverage area and timing.

Gurugram, #SwitchToPOOL this Thursday at ₹40
This Thursday, November 24 between 8am to 10am, all POOL rides inside Gurugram will be available at a capped fare of ₹40 up to 8kms distance! Read here for availability and coverage area.

Previous Flat Fare Offers
Uber Chennai Offers flat fare for this week via uberPOOL
Starting Monday, September 19 through Friday, September 23, all uberPOOL rides across Chennai (within a distance of 15 kilometers) will be available at a flat fare of ₹50, no strings attached!

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