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Set ride destination to improve driver earnings with back to back rides

Uber enter Destination
Uber enter Destination
Uber is sending rides to drivers who are about to complete their ride. If you set your destination correct then uber system will keep an eye on upcoming booking that area and will be assigned to driver before completing the ride.

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This move is to save few minutes for driver for each pickup and improve overall earning potential. Uber is optimizing its resources to a great extent.

According to Uber India Blog

We’re excited to share that we’ve made it even easier to get a fast, reliable ride on Uber. Starting today, our partners can receive their next trip just before their current trip is over.

Since often times a car ending a trip will get to you much faster than the next closest car already available, a request is accepted by the car ending a trip instead means huge ETA (Estimated Time of Arrival of your Uber) savings for riders and partners alike.

You may hear your driver’s phone beep while you are on your trip. This is the next request coming in for your driver, but this doesn’t mean you’ll share the ride with the next rider. All non-uberPOOL requests will still be solo.

Pro Tip: Always enter your destination once you request your Uber (you can always change your destination mid trip). Every destination entered will lead to lower ETAs for you and other riders.
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take uber to reduce congestion

Uber app has plenty of unique features which sets it apart from rivals and they added one more feature which is back to back ride accepting. Other features are..

How to book a ride and set destination

Whenever you’re ready, wherever you are — it’s the easiest way to go.

  • First, tap to set your pickup location (This will get picked up by GPS by default).
  • Request your ride and a driver will accept.
  • Enter the address or name of your destination.
  • After pickup, Uber App shows the driver where you’re going...
  • ...and app shows you the route and ETA.

*ETA available only on iOS.

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