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Uber Color Coding ensures Seamless Pickup at crowded place

Uber Color Coding ensures Seamless Pickup at crowded place

Uber Chases The Perfect Ride for its customers and drivers both, Uber keeps experimenting with various methods, the first thing was using Google map, then user tracking, driver tracking, ETA, using google map to navigate to customer and destination, now there is one more addition in form of SPOT technology.

Current Problem Uber is trying to solve

Outside big events like concerts, tons of Ubers can be waiting, making it tough for passengers to figure out which car is theirs. Uber knows riders and drivers sometimes have difficulty finding each other, especially when it’s crowded or dark outside. So starting today, we’re testing a new solution in Seattle. The technology, called SPOT, allows riders and drivers to connect through the use of color.


Uber’ve provided some of their local driver partners with SPOT devices that are attached to their car windshields. When a rider requests a trip and is matched with a SPOT-enabled driver, the rider will be asked to select a color in the app while waiting. The rider can even light up their phone screen by pressing and holding on the color to help the driver quickly identify them. When the driver arrives, the SPOT device on his or her windshield will glow in the rider’s chosen color.
Pretty simple way to recognize car in crowd.

This way, passengers won’t accidentally open the door of the wrong Uber, or even a non-Uber civilian’s car, which I can attest is quite awkward. Previously, passengers had to rely on Uber’s sometimes-laggy map, generic car types, and hard-to-read license plates.

The feature goes into testing in Seattle, and if it’s popular and helps Uber, it could be rolled out to more markets.

The big problem here is that Uber has failed to get drivers to uniformly adopt any additional technology beyond their self-provided car. They do have the Uber windshield sticker. But many drivers don’t even carry charging cords for iPhones and Androids, and few have got the auxiliary cord to run Uber’s Spotify integration. It would be tough, and potentially somewhat expensive, for Uber to distribute the SPOT devices and train drivers to consistently use them.

Uber Chases The Perfect Ride

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