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Uber's goal is to replace private car ownership with autonomous cars

Just imagine what may happen if these three companies combine their effort by any mean ..
  1. Uber - Ride Hailing App
  2. Tesla - Electric Car Company
  3. Google - Driverless Car Teechnology
Uber's is planning to take over the private car ownership model by providing hassle free car availability at your door step without any effort. Eventually Uber will handle everything from your car maintenance, insurance, daily cleaning, parking, buying/selling.

Tesla is making cars which runs on electricity, Tesla has charging point in all over the US which is free to use so basically buy it once and then its free to move anywhere in US, soon Tesla may expand its service to all over the world with its Tesla Batteries and charging points. Current Tesla Model S costs $60,000 per unit , soon Tesla is launching its new model named Model 3 which will cast $30,000 per unit. Tesla is adding autonomous capability to its cars so there will no driver and fuel expense soon for your travel. Uber is already in talk with Tesla to buy 500,000 such autonomous units for its fleet. 

All the above developments suggests that Uber is planning out daily commute future. Google is already testing and running few autonomous cars, here is video and details are here

According to Independent

The arrival of Uber has transformed the quality of life for millions of Londoners on normal salaries, for whom the simple and convenient pleasure of getting a taxi home was once an unaffordable extravagance. We can't allow the hijacking of a genuine public consultation to threaten this. The writing has long been on the wall for the black cab industry.

In a few years, all cabs will probably be driven by robots. There is no point fighting it. And it will be be a good thing too – road traffic deaths all but eliminated, for a start. But in the meantime, you can’t stand by and allow the human being driving your taxi to be treated like it's already an automated machine.

The so-called Uberisation of the economy has its benefits. But it has also heralded the instantaneous wiping out a 150 years' worth of impossibly hard won rights for workers. It doesn’t have to be this way. If you want a cheap, convenient, but guilt-free ride, the TfL website, not Uber’s, it the place to make your voice heard.
This guy turned his Tesla into an Uber

According to theverge

Uber’s goal is to replace private car ownership with driverless vehicles that arrive on demand. It says that competition will ensure that it doesn’t charge usurious rates even if it becomes a virtual monopoly. But Uber can and does subsidize the salaries its drivers earn from fares, drawing from its massive pile of venture capital and loans. Competing with Uber on cost is only going to get harder for smaller competitors. If you don’t believe me, just ask Uber CEO Travis Kalanick. When asked about competition from other services like Lyft last year, he replied bluntly, "In the US, in many ways, the table is set. We’re 10 times bigger." Monopolies don’t have equal competition. That’s what regulation is for.
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