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Uber 'ARRIVING NOW' in-car FREE Magazine for riders Just like Airlines

Uber 'ARRIVING NOW' in-car FREE Magazine for riders Just like Airlines
Arriving Now First Page
Uber is making its own magazine — for riders, this time.
For Now : Uber is starting this initiative from New York city but if everything goes well it may extend to other cities as well just like uberICECREAM , only this promotion was spread across world.

From one experiment to another experiment, Uber is trying all options to leverage its existing large driver partners network. This time via magazine to reach customers more and utilizing their backseat time. Uber recently launched Merchant partnership program and possible retailer tie-up to deliver goods and another possible partnership with upcoming delivery based startups in town.

The on-demand ride-hailing giant UBER is filling backseat pockets of its vehicles this week with the first edition of Arriving Now, a new magazine produced by the company. It’s similar to how airlines (in India Spicejet used to give one magazine named 'Enroute') produce their own in-flight magazines for flyers.

Uber 'ARRIVING NOW' in-car FREE Magazine for riders Just like Airlines
Arriving Now Inner Pages

Uber said today that the first issue is in celebration of New York City’s Fashion Week.

“Arriving Now’s first edition is packed with UBER pro tips, hotspots, and exclusive details about upcoming promotions,” Uber noted. “You may also recognize cover girl Olivia Palermo, one of NYC’s more influential fashionistas, who dishes on her favorite shops, trends, and love of New York inside Arriving Now.”
Uber added that customers can take the magazines home, if they’d like.
One interesting phrase Uber uses is “exclusive details about upcoming promotions.” It will be interesting to see how Uber uses its content publishing arm to promote its own products, sell advertising, or do something that creates extra revenue. It could be similar to how some taxis put small TVs in the back of their vehicles that passengers can often interact with.

The company rolled out a quarterly publication for its drivers back in March called Momentum, which had articles about how to stay healthy and in shape, a spotlight on new Uber city Austin, and pro tips from a long-time Uber driver. Issue 2 rolled out in July.

Uber Content Arm future Plans

Though most people probably spend their time on a phone in the back of an Uber regardless, seat-back, always-on touch screens could probably be coming soon enough to a car near you, allowing users more ways to interact with Uber’s continually growing on-demand services that don’t necessarily involve getting people from place-to-place.

Ubering back from work? Well this screen of Uber already knows where you’re headed, so it could offer a seamless way for you to get takeout from Uber Eats(nearby good restaurents) headed your way to meet you at home.

As Uber’s range of services grow, having a captive audience in the backseat that the company already knows a decent amount about will likely give them quality information to target their new services and ads.

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