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On-Demand Startups Consider Outsourcing Delivery With Uber

On-Demand Startups Consider Outsourcing Delivery With Uber
On-Demand Startups Consider Outsourcing Delivery With Uber
There are plenty of startups coming for on-demand service like Uber. There is a link which lists most of the Uber for X like services. People need things on demand where food is the first thing people want when they are hungry and they want it on time. Most of the startups are trying to figure out to meet this on-demand situation and some are already found solution in Uber itself and they are in talk with Uber for delivering services in the neighborhood.

On-Demand Companies Consider Outsourcing Delivery With Uber

What has not helped is the bidding war for drivers among the glut of on-demand startups that has driven up the cost of delivery — there’s Postmates, SpoonRocket, Washio, Uber, Lyft, Sidecar, Sprig, Doughbies, BloomThat, Shyp, DoorDash, Munchery and Instacart, among others. Some companies are offering driver bonuses and higher paychecks to lock up the market for drivers.

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Three Tips For Worker Classification For The Next On-Demand Startup

When it comes to how their workers should be classified, entrepreneurs looking to build the next on-demand marketplace need to:

  • Start with a clear vision of what they want the end customer experience to be, and determine the degree of worker control that is needed from there;
  • Consider if differentiation comes from their technology or their workers; and
  • Build an open and flexible platform for their workers.

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What startups are working on "Uber for X?"

With the popularity and success of Uber, the mobile on demand industry is a gold rush, especially in Silicon Valley. Uber connects you with a driver at the tap of a button, but has experimented by delivering kittens, helicopter rides to the Hamptons, ice cream, deliveries, weddings, and christmas trees. They're crazy and want to own the world. I love it.

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The problem with 'Uber for X'

Uber is nowhere close to turning a profit, according to financial information leaked to Gawker: In 2013, Uber’s fourth year in business, Uber lost $56 million on $104 million in revenue. Those losses nearly tripled in half the amount of time, while revenue growth only doubled: In the first half of 2014, Uber’s fifth year, the company lost $160 million on $101 million in revenue.

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3 Secrets to Successful On-Demand Startups

The on-demand economy is not new. Our villages have had them for hundreds of years, when the local hairdresser came home to give you a haircut. These were the opening remarks by VC Shervin Pishevar at the On-Demand 2015 conference in San Francisco. He added that these traditional economies were powered by “trust, reputation and a frictionless way of paying each other.” Trust and reputation are no doubt the building blocks of the on-demand economy, but what else is needed to thrive in today’s competitive market? Here are some lessons from investors and entrepreneurs who spoke at the event.

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