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How much I will earn by attaching my car with UBER or OLA

How much I will earn by attaching my car with UBER or OLA
How much I will earn by attaching my car with UBER or OLA
This is very common question now a days in India. Some of the Quora posts hints that OLA/UBER drivers are earning in lakhs per month which is not the case now.

Competition is getting tougher, 100's of new drivers are joining the platform. Now they don't get enough rides sometimes only then UBER/OLA pay them minimum amount for the day.(Already decided amount based upon business).

Uber provides low cost taxi to indian cities using uberGO, uber for services are available in 26 indian cities as of now, cost for uber ride is very low compared to OLA and meru, however thay are also bringing their cost to same level, uber rates india is far better then competitors,  always get a uber car or use uber ride share to reach your destination.

New to Uber: Uber Promo code to get free ride

You can drive for uber using uber mobile phones which was earlier iPhone now low cost big screen android phones. Uber will train you to how to use uber app  while driving for uber taxi services , you won't find uber like app where it gives free first uber ride and other uber mobile app offers with promo code for uber app and offers and coupons.

Driver ManagementApp uberFLEET
If you manage many cabs with uber, here is your uberFLEET app to track your driver location, see earning, profit/loss etc.

Hailing cheap fare taxi , private taxi , using uber like apps or uber mobile phone, uber app promo code , only uber can use uber pick up for first free ride taxi . So do uber sign up and get uber ride free and enjoy uber ride offers in india.

Drive With Uber And Make Money Up To Rs 90000 In Fares Per Month

Don't expect good income without effort. Honeymoon period is over unless its new city for UBER/OLA. Still if you willing to attach your car with them, here is the action plan.

  • Get a car with good mileage.
  • Hire 2 drivers(12 hours each to drive), if you are not driving.
  • Get them trained to use mobile, specially map for navigation.
  • Train them for nice behavior with customer to get better rating.
  • Keep your car on work always (24 x 7 X 365) except servicing.
  • Minimize your cost per km for EMI, insurance, service, maintenance.

Uber Driver Referral Code : uberabhiue

Going forward, its going to be tough to get rides as more drivers are joining daily. You have to optimise your rating as well to get more rides otherwise customer may cancel booking even after confirmation.

Drive with Uber
Drive with Uber
Read this blog for more details:

Uber/OLA claims for Rs 1,00,000 per month earning in Hyderabad like city but this doesn't seem try now a days as every driver says the number of trips have dropped and the "BONUS" is dropped by 70% on each ride. Here is some news from around the world for more clarification about the future.

Its very clear UBER/OLA is not here for charity, they are using technology to optimize resource (drivers and customers) to maximize their future earning. Once this model will be accepted by wide range of customers, they can manipulate the each ride commission from drivers and increase the rate to customers as well.

UBER DRIVERS SPEAK: We Are Making A Lot Less Money Than Uber Is Telling People.

As per Uber: Uber is not obligated to pay its drivers minimum wage; the drivers aren't employees, they're independent contractors. But drivers' expenses add up, and what an Uber driver takes home tends to be a far cry from the Rs 90,000 Uber has said its drivers can make.

"I've asked them this: 'Are you doing better now than you were six months ago?' And not one single driver that we've spoken with, or one of our members, has been able to say, 'Yes, I am better off now than I was six months ago.' ... Unfortunately, they believe it's just going to be worse and worse because of the fare war between Uber and OLA."

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A Guy Who Says He's An UberX Driver Reveals How Much He Makes

The ads on the sides of the buses now (real ads now actually after two years of stubbornly claiming that word of mouth was sufficient) that they will guarantee $5,000 in your first month. I can tell you from experience that you need to be prepared to work for probably at least 50 hours a week especially if you are new to the job and even more so if you are new to the city. I only make what I do because I really know my way around well and I work as hard as I can.

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Summary of the above discussion and examples
You should not only see the money but hard-work as well. In future only smart worker will be paid well others will be dropped from the race itself. If you are planning to attach a new car then hire some good, educated drivers who can understand customers and technology as well. Maintain good rating for more rides and better earnings.

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