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7 Steps How to book Uber Cab and use FREE RIDE

7 Steps How to book Uber Cab and use FREE RIDE
7 Steps How to book Uber Cab and use FREE RIDE
Uber is extremely simple app to use with almost everything is already set to use. There is no need to provide any input like location, car option, payment option etc, still many people keep coming to this blog in search of truth.

Uber redesigned App
Uber simplifies ride hailing process by giving more information upfront before booking to make it a smooth and transparent process. Read in detail.

Here are simple steps to book your ride.

  1. Enable Location Service
  2. Open Uber app in your mobile or open mobile site.
  3. Select Cab option (UberGO, UberX, UberBLACK, UberSUV), or go with already selected one.
  5. Touch "Request UberBLACK", it will start trying to connect you with nearest driver.
  6. App comes with your Car number plate. Your Cab is booked.
  7. Keep track of your cab on app, when it arrives, take ride.
  8. At destination, driver completes the ride then rate your ride before taking next ride.

If you still have doubts like paytm payment issues, account disabled issue, free ride issue, referral issue, driver issue, ride issue. You can read this blog posts. I have tried to address most of the issues because I personally faced them time to time so here I am just noting it down to myself.

How to Use Free Ride in Uber App

You get free ride when you sign up with any promotion code, or when you refer some one by giving your referral code. When you get free ride, in your app it gets added into Payment section with expiry date. Free rides will get applied automatically, 1 per ride. You cannot combine multiple rides in one booking.
ProTip: If you know your fare is going to exceed one ride worth (around Rs 250/-) , end your trip and book another trip, if you have more then 1 free ride. Try to optimize your ride and free money.
More Protip of Using Uber is here.

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