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Rise of Uber and OLA via infographic

Ride of Uber and OLA infographic
Ride of Uber and OLA infographic
India is popular for many alternatives for same thing be public transport, airlines, private bus operators etc. You will get  many options everywhere. Before Uber and OLA there were many taxi operators which evolved from normal operators to mobile based operators where just dial helped them to get more customers.

Uber introduction changed the market and customers perspective towards cab hailing options. Uber made it so simple that I started using daily them for office commute. I gave my bike to brother and now fully depend upon Uber for city trips and Zoomcar for  long drives.

Zoomcar changed self drive rental car market and changing it for good. I may not even buy a car for myself now. I will write more about zoomcar soon.

Uber and OLA Comparison infographic by

Uber and OLA Comparison infographic by

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