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Uber Udaipur brings free WIFI to UberGO [limited]

Uber runs wifi car in some cities. These cars comes with free wifi provided by airtel 4G. Its is a promotional limited time offer to Udaipur riders only. Uber started in car free wifi long back in metro cities, but it was withdrawn without any notice. Here you can real all about uberwifi in india.

OLA provides prime option to its users with free wifi but the availability is limited and seems promotional only. ANyway till facility is there enjoy it.

I think is for airtel 4G network promotions. Airtel wants to demonstrate its 4G speed on the go to new users. If Airtel will not get proper response they may withdraw this offer. As if Airtel 4G ads were not enough.
Uber Udaipur brings free WIFI to UberGO
Uber Udaipur brings
free WIFI to UberGO


  • Download the latest version of the Uber app, if you haven’t already
  • Fire up your Uber app and  slide over to UberWIFI option and your WIFI enabled Uber will arrive within minutes
  • Your Uber driver will help you with the password. Enter password and get instant access to free high-speed internet!


  • Wifi is available at no extra cost. Kindly refrain from engaging in exchange of funds with the driver partner for this service.
  • This is a limited period offer with Wifi available in select vehicles only.
  • Dynamic fare and Surcharges remain same as before.
  • Ride wait time should not exceed 10 minutes.
  • This offer is valid in Udaipur only.
  • Max 4 passengers per Uber.

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