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Uber Auto Refunds Ride Cancellation Fee [Trick]

Uber Auto Refunds Ride Cancellation Fee
Uber Auto Refunds Ride Cancellation Fee

Uber has improved its help section significantly over the period. Help section automated most of the generic scenarios and handling them automatically without any person involved. One pain point is to get back cancellation fee. Lets get it back automatically.

Earlier, I used to mail to for any query for their resolution. Now Uber have learned a lot and automated most of the repetitive stuff, where one task is to refund cancellation fee for genuine cases.

Uber cancellation fee: How to get it back if its not your fault, the old way

Example of genuine cancellation cases.

  • You and driver didn't connect
  • Driver didn't pick the call
  • Pickup location was set incorrectly
  • Network issue, so driver can't locate you in time
  • Driver is taking more then estimated time to reach at pickup point
Above screenshot have a glimpse of the refund process and here are some more light on the same..

Steps to get suto refund
  1. After cancellation of trip, go to TRIPS in menu.
  2. Open the past cancelled trip to see the cancellation amount. Tap on 'Need Help?' button.
  3. It will open page with list of help topics, you should be interested in 'I was charged with cancellation fee'. Tap on this topic.
  4. It will open some predefined reason, select as per your case and submit.
  5. It will show message with credited amount or issue refund in patym account, which can be used in very next ride. Uber will not refund amount to bank account, credit card . It will simple add into your credit balance maintained by Uber itself.
  6. If you want to complain or talk to any other reason , write a mail to  
Cancellations can be frustrating for riders and driver partners alike, which is why the cancellation fee is in place to ensure that drivers are fairly compensated for their time when committing to a trip.

In general, if a trip is cancelled within 5 minutes of the initial request, you will not be charged a cancellation fee. However, if it is cancelled after 5 minutes, you will be charged a fee depending upon the category of the ride. The cancellation fee will be automatically added to your next successfully completed trip.

Cancellation Fee in any Indian City (Approx):

  1. uberMOTO: Rs. 15
  2. uberPOOL: Rs. 80
  3. uberGO: Rs. 80
  4. uberX: Rs. 100

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