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Uber API integrated apps and How to do it in your App

Uber API integrated apps and How to do it in your App
Uber API integrated apps and How to do it in your App
Uber is trying to capture all the market from its competitors. Uber wants to be always available for you. Your may be tracking your usage of third party apps to make it better and provide you better eta and better booking experience.

Uber SMS

Now whenever I book my ride , Uber sends me a sms with cab details and its ETA, upon arrival of cab when driver clciks on ARRIVING NOW button on their app, uber sends another msg saying your cab is arrived at pickup location.

Uber API integrated Apps

Uber has come a long way in providing a semless booking options without leaving any app, you re laready using. Yesterday Faceebok launched its messanger with Uber button, to book your ride simply from chat window, similarly Microsoft Bing updated its iOS bing search app by adding Uber ride booking button.

List of apps which already have Uber booking button
Uber Facebook Messanger
Uber Facebook Messanger

  1. FaceBook Massanger (Released only in US market)
  2. Microsoft Bing Seach for iOS
  3. Microsoft Cortana
  4. Expensify
  5. Hinge
  6. Hyatt Hotels & Resorts
  7. Momento
  8. OpenTable
  9. Starbucks Coffee Company
  10. Tempo Smart Calendar
  11. Time Out
  12. TripAdvisor
  13. TripCase
  14. United Airlines
  15. Google Maps
  16. Zomato
  17. StubHub for iOS

How to do it?

There are plenty of blogs already written to showcase , how you can add Uber button to your app.
Read it here

Future Expectation

Facebook integrated Uber button in  messenger app, which show facebook interest in automated cab hailing segment. Both may come together in future to launch some thing big.

Google's move for Self Driving Car

Google is known to experiment and develop its self driving cars, Recently Google announced that it will create an independent company to manage self driving car company and probably will launch Uber rival in silicon valley soon. Google has already invested in Uber in the early time but now the market is big and Uber is already validated it in various parts of the world, Google want its share too.

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