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Paytm IRCTC Offer 100% Cashback on payment gateway fee

Pay with Paytm on IRCTC and get 100% Cashback on fee
Pay with Paytm on IRCTC and get 100% Cashback on fee
You must be aware of this offer, or at least if you can pay IRCTC tkts amount via Paytm wallet but you may not know that Paytm is running offer to return full convenience fee as cashback to you on each transaction without any promocode.
Offer : 100% cashback on convenience fee for IRCTC tkt booking.
Lets see how much you can save on each transaction..

Mode of payment: Net Banking
Transaction Charges: Upto Rs 10 + Service Tax as applicable (Bank of Baroda Nil)

Mode of payment: Payment Gateaway/Credit Card
Transaction Charges: Upto 1.8% + Service Tax as applicable

Mode of payment: Debit Card
Transaction Charges: Upto Rs.10/- or 1.8% whichever is higher + Service Tax as applicable.

Mode of payment: EMI
Transaction Charges: Pay in 3 EMI with Citibank Card, Transaction charges 2.8%

Mode of payment: Wallet/Cash Cards
Transaction Charges: Upto 1.3% + Service Tax as applicable

Pay with Paytm on IRCTC
Pay with Paytm on IRCTC 
Each of the options are charging you some transaction fee except Bank of Baroda net banking is not charging any. (I just found out this today, but I don't have account there.)

Here Paytm wallet comes to rescue, you can have any card, from any bank , just recharge your walllet and pay on irctc website.

Terms & Conditions

-As of now IRCTC disables all cash card/wallet options including IRCTC prepaid cards from 8 am to 12 noon.
So you can book your tickets on the site with your Paytm Wallet after 12pm
-In case of insufficient balance you would need to add money first on your Paytm account
(the app on your mobile or on the web) and then do your transaction on IRCTC.

Book your meals on IRCTC cia Paytm Wallet

Book your meals on IRCTC cia Paytm Wallet
Book your meals on IRCTC cia Paytm Wallet
Our tie up with IRCTC’s e-catering now allows you to book your meals on the go! 1516 trains without pantry cars will now have meals booked by you via Paytm. This is in addition to booking your train tickets via Paytm Wallet on IRCTC.

Major relief for those who travel via train often! We’re keen to bring the Paytm experience to all users across platforms, in every walk of life. Let’s go cashless! Click here to read about it in detail.

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