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How do I use Uber free rides? How can I tell Driver?

How do I use Uber free rides
How do I use Uber free rides
This is very common question asked by new customer. Uber don't give any coupon at the time of signup or option to apply sign up code while booking a ride.

Common question after creating account?

After creating Uber account you must be thinking
what to do next?
How to check if you have got the free ride or not?
Will it apply to your next ride or how you can apply free ride?
You got promo code but don't know how to apply?
You applied promo code but don't know how to check if its applied or not?
Similarly many more questions comes to new users mind after logging in to Uber account.

Here Uber is even simpler, your account will be automatically assigned 1 free ride upon sign using a valid new user promo code. Check here How to know, if you have already applied promocode

How do I use Uber free rides?
I mean after travelling how do I tell a driver that it was a free ride?
OLA requires you to select a promo code to apply on each ride before booking but Uber allows you to apply promotion far earlier or at the time of booking as well.

If you have a free ride, Uber will automatically use it rather than charging you. If you fare exceeds the free ride amount, it'll be charged extra. You can track your fare using this app.

Uber free rides will be applied automatically to your next ride.
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