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Experience Uber app on Apple watch

Experience Uber app on Apple watch
Experience Uber app on Apple watch
Apple watch new OS is released so app developers are updating their app too. Today apple app store featured uber app in its twitter page with a video. (Embedded from twitter.)

How it works
When you open the Uber app on your Apple Watch, it goes straight to a screen showing how long it’ll be until a car can come get you — no pulling out your phone to drop pins or choose between Uber X, Uber Pool, or black car service.

Once you’ve given that big button a tap, the app confirms that it’s looking for a ride and shows where it thinks you want to be picked up, giving you a chance to cancel if your phone sent the wrong location data.

Once you’ve got the car confirmed, you can watch its arrival progress via a tiny map as well as double-check the driver’s face and car from a single screen:


If you're an Uber rider using Apple Watch, you can request a ride directly from your wrist and receive a notification when your driver arrives.

The Apple Watch app will be set to your last selected vehicle option and payment method, and your pickup location will be set based on your GPS location. If you need to change these settings before you request, you should open the Uber app on your iPhone.

Some features – including uberPOOL, Split Fare, Share my ETA, and Contact Driver – are not available from Apple Watch at this time.

Its new platform for using such app, we need your input to understand if you like it. Very few people must be using it but still the number is growing because there are very few apps ported to watch.

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