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Uber for X New Products and services in Line

Uber Definition
Uber Definition
denoting an outstanding or supreme example of a particular kind of person or thing.
"she's a self-proclaimed uberbitch"
to a great or extreme degree.
"an uber-cool bar"

As the above definition says about Uber that its 'denoting an outstanding or supreme example of a particular kind of person or thing.' Uber established itself as per definition. Now many other products and services are mushrooming around the world, which are as follows.
Uber for X Products
Uber for X Products

A list of Products and purpose

  1. Magic:Get whatever you want on demand with no hassle, through SMS
  2. Lugg:It's like Uber for Movers
  3. Push for Pizza:The easiest way to order pizza. EVER.
  4. Wag!:On-demand dog walking. Now in San Francisco!
  5. Bento:Asian food delivered on-demand (SF only)
  6. Doughbies On-Demand: Fresh chocolate chip cookies delivered in 20 minutes or less
  7. Coders Clan:On demand coding. Get code tasks done.
  8. Heal:On-demand doctors to your home in under 60 minutes
  9. FoodNow:Tinder Meets Uber for Food Delivery
  10. Unwind Me:Massage Made Simple (Homejoy for massage)
  11. Hitch:An affordable way to get around SF by sharing your ride.
  12. Minibar:Uber for alcohol
  13. Breather:Peace and quiet, on-demand.
  14. Bannerman:Uber for security
  15. Changelane:Uber for Car Maintenance.
  16. Transfix:Uber for trucking
  17. Shortcut:Uber for Haircuts
  18. LawTrades:Uber for lawyers
  19. Resy:Reservations on demand
  20. Eaze:Uber for Medical Marijuana
  21. BloomThat:Ridiculously fast flowers
  22. JetMe:On-demand private jets
  23. Animal Robo:Uber for drones
  24. KangaDo:Uber for After School
  25. Sprig:Hand-crafted dinners on demand
  26. Cleanly:Simple on-demand laundry delivery
  27. Canary:Uber for Cannabis Delivery (pre-launch)
  28. SpoonRocket:Most convenient meal ever. $6 delivered. (SOMA & East Bay)
  29. Medicast:House call doctors in under 2 hours, 24 hours a day.
  30. Washio:Uber for Laundry and Dry Cleaning
  31. Pager:Personal healthcare, anywhere.
  32. Monkey Parking:On Demand Street Parking
  33. WunWun:On-demand delivery from every place in your city
  34. Massage:Uber for massages.
  35. DandyLoop:A network of online shops who share visitors
  36. Tomo:Uber for long commutes. Door-to-door for $7.50
  37. TaskRabbit (Pivot):Now on-demand service for cleaning, handiwork, & errands
  38. Doctor on Demand:On demand video chat with licensed doctors
  39. ZIRX:On demand parking in SF
  40. Shuddle:Uber for family commuting
  41. Plowz:On-Demand Snow Plows
  42. Urban Massage:Massage Delivered. Uber for Wellness & Medical Therapy. (UK)
  43. Zeel:Massage on demand
  44. Doorman:Evening package delivery on demand
  45. Moving Permits:Uber for City Permits
  46. Cambly:Private language tutors on demand.
  47. HouseCall:Home Services On-Demand
  48. Thirstie:On-demand local liquor delivery
  49. Worthee:Uber for dog walking
  50. Caddy:The Uber for Storage

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