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Uber wins a war in New York against System with Peoples help

Uber wins a war in New York against System with Peoples help
Uber de blasio

People has tremendous power and some are using it after getting elected by them. Recently we have few events where people have shown their strengths via internet and changed the course of action.

Net Neutrality
Some teclos(like Airtel) and big brands(Like Flipkart) tried to curb same speed internet in India on purpose. Its all over the internet for some time. Some good people came against it and asked for help from common people to stop the preference for some services over internet usage.
People needed to send a pre drafted mail to TRAI and telecom ministry to act against it. Enormous amount of people replied and govt has to take action and review the current offering by teclos. is such a place where you can create such campaign and ask for help from common people, if sufficient number of people replied in favor then you will make it happen.

Stop Parliament canteen subsidy: This campaign is about to stop the parliament canteen subsidy. Prime minister will take action if 150k people will reply in favor.

Uber De Blasio Campaign: New York city mayor  tried to curd uber growth in the city by putting cap of 201 taxi enrollment in a year where uber enrolls similar amount  in week.
Uber asked for riders help to notify mayor that its insane to curb growth. Uber gave an option in app to send a pre-drafted mail to mayor to reconsider his proposal.

Uber Delhi Win: Recently Delhi HC judge ruled AAP govt that, ig you can't understand technology, you can't simply ban them.

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