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Ride Anywhere At Flat ₹70 via uberPOOL in any Indian City

Ride Anywhere At Flat ₹70 via uberPOOL in any Indian City
Ride Anywhere At Flat ₹70 via uberPOOL in any Indian City

Your discounted long weekend starts now, save on each ride, In celebration of the 70th Independence Day of India, take as many rides as you like on uberPOOL at a flat fare of ₹70 to any point in the city. Fire up your Uber app, slide over to the uberPOOL view and request a ride to your destination without entering a promo code.

uberPOOL is now the cheapest way to Uber! uberPOOL matches you real-time with another rider heading in the same direction, adds only a few minutes to your trip, and you both save big. Trips are up to 35% cheaper than uberGO and no matter where you’re headed – uberPOOL gets you there for way, way less!  Taking uberPOOL actually eliminates congestion by reducing the number of cars on the road – making your city a whole lot greener, cleaner, and more efficient with more shared rides.

How it works?

  1. Fire up your Uber app, set your pick up and drop off location and request 
  2. You’ll see two options – “Share your car” and “Get your own car” 
  3. “Share your car” is uberPOOL, request on this option to enjoy flat fares all weekend long 
  4. You might get matched with another rider going in the same direction
  5. Regardless of whether you et matched or not, your fare will remain the same

Terms & Conditions:

  • Valid from Friday, 12th August till Monday, 15th August 
  • Applicable within city limits only 

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