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10 Ideas to increase Productivity during Uber Ride

10 Ideas to increase Productivity during Uber Ride
10 Ideas to increase Productivity during Uber Ride
I hope you are enjoying your rides , here are few ideas to use your ride time productively. Help me out with more ideas if you have..

  1. You like to listen music during Uber ride, its common, try listening to e-books provided by or use amazon kindle or try any other app. Let me know as well what you are using :)
  2. Riding solo, try uberPool its its there in your city, save money and make new friends.
  3. Bored by using same route to office , try UberPool, it will take you to your destination via different route,  while picking up another riders along.
  4. Didn't get any time to plan your day, now you can plan during ride.
  5. Missed calling your mom last night, give your current status via quick call, make sure you are not disturbing co-passengers.
  6.  Riding solo, talk to your driver and know more about him and uber, how much they are earning, is it good or bad. What is their plan for future?
  7. In new city, drivers has the best source of information about city. Harness this info.
  8. Explore new shops, eating joints, mobile store etc. along your route, you may know what you may need in future.
  9. Its a pleasant weather, set pickup point at a distance and take a walk to get fit, have a habit of walking. 
  10. You can create your own list of things to improve productivity during ride.
Waiting for more ideas from you, how do you spend time during ride??
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