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Uber upfront pricing hides the surge but still applicable

Uber fare mental calculation
Uber fare mental calculation

Uber fare calculation wasn't a quantum calculation but it was tough for some, so uber just plans to phase out this difficulty and get rid of surge pricing calculation and mental math issues with some.

Uber fares are very dynamic in nature, means their prices may go up anytime as demand surges, or you get stuck in traffic, in all the cases or none you have to mentally calculate the trip fare to get an idea. 

Uber already providing an estimated price based upon current rate and average traffic conditions but it seems that was not enough for customers.

Uber Fare New calculation rule says..

Upfront fare = Basic fare+ current traffic estimation charge+ surge (if any)

Now Uber will give you exact amount for your destination once you start booking your ride. Now onwards there will be no lightening symbol to show there is surge. 

Simple takeaway from this post is you don’t need to calculate your final fare it will be shown you upfront based on your source, destination, traffic and availability just like airlines fare.

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