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How Uber changing my routine and helping with new things

How Uber changing my routine and helped with new things
How Uber changing my routine and helped with new things
I always wanted to write about this, writing here about me and experience with Uber Free Rides all along its launched in my city.

Few days back Uber Pune asked to its customers that "How do you utilize your time sitting on the back seat of Uber?"  I am about to share my story with Uber all the time.

Some background story
I started using Uber when it arrived in India. I was referred by a friend and then I started referring to my friends and started earning free credits on each referral upto 600 credits per referral (in beginning it was credits) where my per ride cost was close to 150 credit only.

I started accumulating it all and using few, but didn't know (Ideas to use Uber for first time ) where to use so started commuting to office using Uber only, daily, partying on weekends. Collected so much credits that it crossed more then 1 lacs in my account witht he help of this blog.

New to Uber: Sign up and get first ride for free

Suddenly Uber wiped out all credits from my account and I was back to square one but this uberpromo blog became popular by then and I kept getting more credits each time, soon I received enough credits  for few month's daily commute. I kept on commuting to office and other places via Uber.

Few more times uber credits were cleared from my account and account was disabled. I managed to enable my account by providing my ID proof and explaining why I am getting so many rides.

Now I always take Uber to everywhere even fr shortest distance, I forgot my bike which was lovingly earlier. I didn't use my bike for few months that its battery drained and became useless/expired. I got it replaced for new one, thanks to warranty that was about to expire next month.

But who cares I have enough rides(now uber gives only rides usable to one ride only) to go anywhere in city or even in other cities where uber plies in India with those rides. Actually I visited Delhi, Ahmadabad, Pune, Coimbatore etc.

Recently Uber reduced its ride worth to 150 or 100 depending upon cities. Now I realized that Uber may stop giving rides for free on referral one day. I am so into Uber that I can't think of any alternative but Now I started using OLA , off course only free rides via referral.

Still its possible that one day all the free rides may be over and I have to come back to my normal routine. Now I am trying to change the attitude towards cab rides. I am avoiding the cabs whenever possible was walking instead for short to medium distances. Getting into new practice of walking.

Last week I walked back to my flat after office and I felt good. I realize that I can reach to my destination without bike or cab too with some fun. Now whenever possible I walk.

Trying New things

Earlier, before Uber , I was always riding on my bike, never walked and whenever I wanted to walk then I had to schedule it like morning, evening after office, or after dinner. Now I can walk anytime any where in city. I can walk halfway then take Uber or I can go to some place in city for shopping and take a walk for on-foot shopping in different roads and finally when I feel tired, I just call a cab then n there.

Benefits of Walking

Benefits of walking
Benefits of walking

Extra benefits
Small walk can avoid Uber Surge pricing model : You can check in app where all prices are surged by navigating for sliding map. Find a less surged area and book cab there, till cab reaches the point , I can walk to the pickup point as well. Simply walk out of high demand areas.

Over to you
I will keep trying few things in coming days, if anything concretes comes up I will share it with you all. Let me know what you do with your Uber credits, How you use Uber?

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