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How to avoid Bad Uber Driver in Future

How to avoid Bad Uber Driver in Future
How to avoid Bad Uber Driver in Future
Be it a bad day or bad person, I meet bad drivers on some days. I just want to avoid those drivers on future means when I book Uber must not connect me to those drivers who are bad to me.

I feel a driver is bad if he talks too much on mobile, takes too much to locate me, ask for directions but don't know the place I explain or any common place, don't take my preferred route because I want to pick/drop someone on the way.

There may be other reasons as well when you feel bad about the driver and you don't want to ride with them again, you can always avoid those drivers in future by a simple trick.

Uber Rating System

Know your current Uber Rating

Uber gives power to both rider and driver to rate each other after each trip ends. You can give 5 star rating to a perfect ride, four star to not so perfect ride, three star to below average ride and below rides are not needed to describe. Uber will simply not connect you again with driver who got three or below rating.

Hacks to improve Uber rating and experience.

We should give ratings responsibly and with honesty. It can make or break drivers business. I hope drivers rating also kept in consideration while matching a rider-driver connect. Some times riders are also bad and drivers don't want to ride with them again.

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