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How big of a deal is Uber? and Private Car ownership Future

How big of a deal is Uber? and Private Car ownership Future
Google + Uber + Waze 
Google and Uber is creating an ecosystem of future travel, where your pickup will be ready before you think of hailing a cab, your car will be waiting at airport just when you land there, your cab will be waiting for you to take you to concert, movie screening, and lot more new automation will take place in your life. Read this post in detail to know few more.

Key Components of Future
Autonomous car /self driving smart cars built by Tesla, Google, Apple etc
Uber - a Cab hailing App
Waze - Shortcut to your destination (Bought by Google)
Google services like Gmail, calendar, google now to know your future plans, trips, tkts.

Analogy with Power generating Company to Transportation
Back in the 19th century, if you wanted electricity, you had to make your own provisions. Each individual was responsible for acquiring and maintaining their own electrical supply. And then the electrical grid and electricity was available on tap. It turned from a product to a service.

Both electricity and transportation share the same property in that it's never directly desired, it's only desired as instrumental to a larger goal. We don't care that we have power, just that our tvs turn on and our showers are hot. The same applies to transportation.

Once this model becomes tried and tested, it'll be a lot more cheaper for you to use GooBerAze than owning a car to travel to work, shuttle kids to school. It also solves the Last Mile connectivity problem with public transport.

There is long list of answers on Quora about the same question from industry experts, You can read them on Quora, I am inserting snippets of few interesting and promising answers here..

Justin Singer, Product management at two startups. Business ops at two more. VC at IA Ventures.
So how big of a deal is Uber? Well, to seed and angel investors who sold shares in the last round, I'm sure it's a very big deal indeed. It's also a big (if temporary) deal to passengers in land-grab cities like DC and SF who get to take highly subsidized cab rides for as long as Uber's war chest lasts. Of course, as soon as those subsidies run out, it will be just another transport option, but so it goes. There's nothing wrong with a business that tops out at under $100 million in net revenue with fat margins -- that's pretty amazing, in fact,. Probably not $3.5-billion-plus-a-reasonable-return amazing, but still pretty great. Ultimately, the question depends on you. If five years ago you spent your weekends gently sobbing while cab after cab failed to show up, and now you don't, then Uber's a very big deal indeed. If you live in Manhattan and make around $100k, then it probably doesn't register at all.

Michael Wolfe, Five startups and counting
  • If you think of Uber as a town car company operating in a few cities, it is not big.
  • If you think of Uber as dominating and even growing the town car market in dozens of cities, it gets bigger. (Data point: there are now more Uber black cars in San Francisco than there were ALL black cars before Uber started).
  • If you think of Uber as absorbing the taxi markets, it gets pretty huge.
  • If you think of Uber bringing taxis to parts of the world that did not have them before because of insufficient density, it gets even larger.
  • If you think of Uber as a personal logistics service that can drive your kids to school and back, take you to work, pick up your parents at the airport, drive you to date night so you can get your drinks on, it gets very very large.
  • If you think of Uber as delivering both people as well as things (packages, dry cleaning, groceries) it gets even larger.
  • If you think of Uber as a replacement for your car, it gets even larger.
  • If you mix in a fleet of self-driving cars, orchestrated by Uber, it grows again.
  • If you think of Uber as a giant supercomputer orchestrating the delivery of millions of people and items all over the world (the Cisco of the physical world), you get what could be one of the largest companies in the world.
He thinks : Uber could be bigger then facebook Someday.

Shah Rukh Khan, US Transportation industry insider
With GMail, Calendar, and Google Now, Google+Uber+Waze(GooBerAze) is a data marriage made in heaven. This is why google plunked a quarter billion into Uber and a billion in purchasing Waze.
Uber by itself is not a big deal
GooBerAze (or what ever the combined solution will be called) is.
A step closer to Gooberaze, I'd guess Google/Uber already are integrating with Waze data to predict arrival/driving time.
The only missing pieces in the puzzle, are:
1) Integrate with Google Now
2) Integrate with the Autonomous Vehicle. 
Dara s Albright, Setting the direction of the crowdfinance industry since 2011
Here's the BIG PICTURE response... UBER is a very big deal. Not because it is one of the fastest growing companies in history. Not because it is revolutionizing the taxi industry. But because its "sharing economic model" is changing human behaviors, transcending across number of industries and reforming global economies. Its impact and reach is enormous. Very few companies in history have been this disruptive.

Full list of answers

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